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Pottery Barn:
Crafted in America


Pottery Barn strives to deliver the highest-quality products to our customers. Much of our upholstered furniture is built right here in America by the most talented craftsmen and craftswomen in the furniture industry. When you purchase a piece of furniture from Pottery Barn, you know that each piece of fabric was cut and sewn by a person and that each nail was driven by a careful hand. We have a long history of making furniture and other items for your home, and this history can be seen in the quality of the products we offer to you.

Sutter Street Factory

Hickory, North Carolina, is known for its furniture. When most people think of this small town, they think of the long history of furniture making and craftsmanship that built the town. Companies have been producing furniture in Hickory for over 100 years. That's why Pottery Barn chose this spot for our upholstered furniture factory. Located right on Sutter Street, this Pottery Barn factory is right in the heart of furniture country. You can feel confident knowing that the most skilled craftsmen with years of history bolstering their talents are putting together your luxurious furniture.

Creating Local Jobs

Pottery Barn furniture is made by hand - several hands, actually. When we opened the factory on Sutter Street, we created jobs for the residents of Hickory and the surrounding area. It is more than just a job, though. It is a career that our workers can be proud of. Because they are proud of the work that they do, they can deliver products that are built with strength and durability in mind. These are pieces constructed to last a lifetime and those to pass on to future generations.

Making Furniture from Start to Finish

Pottery Barn furniture from our Sutter Street factory is built from the ground up. All of the wood is cut and crafted into a frame. Springs are added to give the furniture that comfortable bounce. The upholstery is added, and each nail and pin is added by hand. If you were to visit the factory, you would see craftspeople working in all different phases. The furniture does not leave the Sutter Street factory until it is finished, which means closer attention to detail for an exquisite finished product.

Quality Products You Can Believe In

When you see a label that says "Made in America," you know that what you’re looking at is a quality product. We use the finest materials and designs so that you have a product that is meant to last. Craftspeople pour their hearts and souls into Pottery Barn furniture because they truly believe in what they do and believe in delivering furniture to the customer that offers longevity and beauty.

If you’re looking to redecorate your home, you can count on Pottery Barn to have the pieces you need for a comfortable and beautiful look no matter which room in your house needs sprucing up. You can find a wide range of luxurious fabrics in various prints and colors to go along with just about any theme. When you sit on one of our chairs or sofas, you can feel the difference in quality that really sets us apart from the rest.

Pottery Barn Gives Back

Our goal is to create products with innovative designs that are long-lasting while also giving back to the planet and the community. We take pride in the men and women who craft each piece of furniture by hand so you can feel confident in your purchase. "When the Pottery Barn sticker goes on, the pride goes in."