getting started:

Baths should be retreats designed to refresh the body and relax the spirit

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  • For baths big and small, choose furnishings with lots of storage.
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  • To save on space, recessed medicine cabinets do the trick.
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  • Fixtures in new finishes create an easy instant update.
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Lighting Tip

Well-planned bathroom lighting really makes a difference. Vary lighting to create a bath that's bright and invigorating to start the day, and subdued and soothing at day's end.


To minimize clutter but keep essentials within easy reach, choose smart storage, like baskets. Also, to make your bath more inviting, use towels and accessories to layer colors, patterns and textures.

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Choosing Paint

A wall color can energize a space or calm
it down. Look to blues and neutrals to
create a peaceful environment, yellows
and reds to warm things up.

Choosing Paint Colors

How To

Get inspired to create your dream bath with easy how-to articles.

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