All Pillows and Throws

Sure, your sofa or favorite chair is cozy on its own, but Pottery Barn’s pillows and throws are the perfect way to accessorize an already warm and comfortable space. More than just a way of providing cushion and warmth, these pillows and throws add a decorative flourish that provides a perfect finishing touch for any lounge area. Toss a couple of pillows and a throw on your sofa and you’ll suddenly make your guests and family members feel welcome and snug or simply give yourself an extra reason to kick up your feet at the end of a long day.

Our pillows are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, from cylindrical bolsters to rectangular lumbar pillows and classic square sofa cushions. If you’re the type who likes to mix up your interior design scheme as much as possible, you’ll love our interchangeable pillow covers, which are available in a variety of prints and colors to allow you to keep up with the seasons or indulge your ever-changing whim.

You can find a similar variety of materials and colors while shopping our throws, which come in an array of different weights and textures to keep up with whatever mother nature throws your way. Whether you want a cushy, thick faux fur throw to snuggle into or a lighter knit acrylic option for warmer months, we’ve got you covered, literally.