All Pillows & Throws

Decorative accents are part of what makes your home more personal. A unique wall hanging, a vase on a table, a decorative pillow on a sofa — these are all items that help your personal taste shine through. When it comes to relaxing on the couch, decorative pillows and throws do showcase your personality, but they should also be comfortable and functional. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with your significant other while watching a good movie.


There are many different colors and styles of decorative pillows that suit every need. A patterned pillow has the ability to dazzle up a plain sofa or bring warmth to a room. If you’re unsure about color matching, sticking with neutral tones is always effective, but don’t be afraid to throw a bit of patterned red or blue into a room that needs a splash of color. Lumbar pillows help to support your back, while other cushions work well for comfort and sprawling out.


Solid pillows are a little less daring, but still come in a range of colors to brighten or warm up a room. Choose from different materials that are soft and plush to the touch. Opt for velvet-soft pillows or a faux chinchilla material. Linen or honeycomb material also feels luxurious against the skin. Beiges, whites and grays work well with nearly any decor, so if you’re unsure, those are always excellent color schemes to select.


It’s helpful to note that Pottery Barn features many pillow inserts separately, giving you the unique ability to mix and match pillow covers whenever you see fit, without having to buy new pillows year after year. Choose from both synthetic and down pillow inserts or, similarly to bed pillows, opt for an eco-friendly down alternative for comfort. Decorative pillow inserts come in a wealth of different shapes and sizes for comfort and taste.



When you are adding decorative accents to your home, it’s a good idea not to forget your outdoor space. Patios need some decorating too, as well as comfort for spending long days relaxing during the summer or for barbecues and parties with friends. Some of our pillows feature an indoor/outdoor indication, and these pillows are slightly more durable for different uses. For instance, if you have young children or pets at home, these pillows are terrific for indoor use and can stand up to spills. Choose outdoor pillows and cushions in many different styles and colors. Darker colors have a tendency to hold up to stains and wear and tear better, while beiges and whites look great in a mudroom or enclosed porch. Opt for paisley or nautical themes that promote a fun, outdoor feel.



Add an elegant throw to your home decor palette. Available in both patterns and solid colors, throws look terrific in your living area resting on the back of your sofa. Choose from materials that are comfortable yet durable, such as linen, jacquard or chenille. Remember that warm colors often look stunning in a bright, well-lit room, while lighter hues, such as beiges and whites, can contrast well against darker furniture and walls. A throw also works well across a daybed or even as a substitution for a blanket in warmer weather. For cooler weather, faux fur throws are a great way to liven up a room while being extremely soft and comfortable. Choose from an array of different colors, such as ivory, gray or beige. Knit throws are also an excellent way to keep cozy when it’s cool outside and a present terrific opportunity to curl up for a movie night. Some throws do have the ability to be monogrammed for that personal touch, so give them as gifts to yourself and loved ones.