Pillows have the unique distinction of being one of the only decorative objects you can lean on without fear of damage. Pottery Barnʼs pillows are available in a variety of sizes, textures and colors to allow you to build the perfect arrangement on a cozy furniture piece. While our decorative pillows are lovely to look at, they also provide physical support and comfort for anyone who uses them. Use our pillows to add extra cushiness and a touch of visual flair to sofas, window seats, benches, armchairs and beds. Whether you want a single pillow for back support on your favorite armchair or a complete collection of decorative pillows and pillow covers to use throughout the year, we have options that will suit your style.


Our throw pillows can complement any kind of home decor, whether you favor an opulent, traditionally formal look or are going for a casual modern minimalism. With a variety of available colors and patterns in fabrics ranging from durable cotton-poly blends to plush, luxurious velvet, we can help you complete your design scheme with cushiness and style. You can select solid-color pillows for a subtle accent or patterns for a bit more panache. If you canʼt choose between the two options, go all in and mix both together. Simply choose a unifying color scheme and get creative with your choices.


We offer pillows in a variety of different styles, too. From seasonal favorites reflecting different holiday themes to patterns that are ideal at any time of year, we offer you the choice between keeping your pillow arrangement the same from month to month or switching things up as you move through the calendar. You can keep a collection of pillow covers in your homeʼs linen closet so you can change up the way your pillow arrangement looks based on the time of year or simply to match your mood. Many of our pillow covers are sold separately from their inserts, which are available in standard sizes, making it simple to store and change your pillow covers.


Choose pillows that complement and enhance your living room decor. To accomplish this, focus on using colors and patterns that are similar to the ones that are already in the room. For example, if you have blue walls and a rug with red flowers, you can select pillows with blue and red floral accents or in blue and red solids. If your decor is simple, you can use patterned pillows to add a little bit of extra pizzazz without interrupting your serene design scheme. For ornately decorated rooms, you can choose solid-color pillows with an interesting pattern to add a bit of subtle decor.


Our decorative pillows are also suitable for use in your bedroom, whether itʼs on top of your bed, on an end-of-bed bench or adorning a lovely window seat nook. You can use similar design rules to govern your choices as you do in the living room, focusing on visual cohesion. If youʼve chosen mostly solid colors for your bedroom, and you want to keep intricate patterns out of this part of your home, you can use color theory to determine the best contrasting or complementary colors for your pillows. Because your bedroom is all about comfort, focus on the richest fabric textures, such as velvet, chenille and silk.


Whether theyʼre adorning your sofa or your bed, our decorative pillows are the ideal accompaniment to your coziest furniture. From providing support to acting as a decorative element, these pillows are built to last. You can change your pillows up as often as you like in order to keep your interior decor feeling fresh and new, or you can find a combination that works for you and keep it in place for as long as your heart desires. These small decorative items are all about allowing you to create the exact kind of atmosphere you want in your home.