String Lights & Lit Decor



Summer is the perfect time to fire up the grill and invite guests over for a home-cooked meal al fresco. Dining outdoors can lead to some of the fondest memories of the year with friends and family, and the fun doesn't need to end once the sun goes down and the night turns black. Prepare for fun that carries into the wee hours with proper outdoor lighting staged around the patio and paths.


Light Up the Night


Outdoor lanterns deliver a relaxed, romantic ambiance to any setting and are an excellent choice for homeowners looking for outdoors décor options that provide light and an enhanced atmosphere. If you've decided to explore lanterns as entertainment lighting options for your back or front yard, you should be aware of the different kinds available.


Hanging Lanterns


Excellent for creating equal lighting over the entire dining area, outdoor hanging lights come in many shapes and forms. Most light bulbs will be white, but most can be switched to multi-colored bulbs if desired. Paper lanterns can be used to create a soft glow of light around the patio table and create a relaxed air.


Pendant lighting involves an intricate glass or metal light holder hanging a few feet above the table for a dramatic option that provides a distinct ring of light around the party.


Table Top and Candle Lanterns


The most inexpensive option for outdoor lantern choices, there are many kinds you can choose from:


  • Votive Candle
  • Jar lantern
  • Flameless lantern
  • Tealight candle
  • Moroccan candle


Since these lights come in such as wide variety of styles, they can be mixed and matched to sync with your décor. Another nice feature of these lights is that they can be arranged to create attractive table centerpieces. If you choose to buy a votive candle or tealight, be sure to purchase a votive candle holder that will contain the wax drippings. Miniature candles such tealights are extremely inexpensive and versatile in outdoor lighting and can be arranged on many surfaces such as a candlestick or in cage lanterns. If you do choose to use an open flame option, make sure any wood surfaces are treated to reduce flammability.


LED Lanterns


LED lanterns are energy efficient and will provide a bright light, ideal for lighting walking paths. They are commonly for use in campgrounds and situations where one needs a long-lasting, powerful portable light source.


Whichever option you choose to complement your existing outdoor entertainment space, outdoor lighting options abound, and you will have great fun decorating for your next dinner party under the stars.


Lanterns for Events


Having a wedding? Tabletop lanterns are a great add to the centerpieces of tables at weddings. Choose the color that suits your motif the best, place real or LED candles in the holders and surround the lanterns with flowers. Immediately, you will have a wonderful centerpiece that took little money and money to create.