Tumblers & Drinking Glasses

When it comes to ensuring your drinks retain their flavor, using the right tumblers and drinking glasses makes a difference. While those that curve towards the top complement fizzy beverages, shorter glasses give stronger and fuller bodied alcohols plenty of room to breathe, making it easier to savor their tastes. At Pottery Barn, there’s a range of tumblers and drinking glasses to suit every beverage. With an array of everyday designs available, it’s possible to find a solution that’s ready to combat the wear and tear of a busy family home. If you’re a keen beer drinker, try the handled range. Handles keep the warmth radiating from your hands away from the beer itself, allowing it to stay cool and crisp for longer. A range of specialist beer glasses are also available, including personalized options.

Choosing the right glassware for cocktails is equally important. When it comes to those cocktails that are packed with alcohol, such as an Old Fashioned, lowball glasses are appropriate. In contrast, those containing a litany of ingredients, such as a Tequila Sunrise, benefit from highball glasses, especially when there’s a need for lots of crushed ice. As there’s a variety of highball glasses in different colors, matching them to other tumblers and glassware is simple. To give your cocktails a professional edge, try our bar accessories collection. With the right cocktail shaker, blending juices and spirits to perfection is easier.

If you’re serving drinks at a formal engagement you might want to consider a high-end solution. Brands such as PB Premium and Schott Zwiesel use breakage-resistant materials, while focusing on crafting elegant designs. For those who are seeking added sophistication, crystal is an excellent choice. Thanks to their unbeatable clarity, crystal glasses can showcase any drink’s aesthetic qualities with ease. When it comes to serving wine, finding the right wine glass is just as essential. While reds settle well in wider glasses, whites benefit from narrower openings.

If you’re looking for a gift that’s practical and thoughtful, try personalized glasses. Whether it’s congratulating someone on their new job or creating a present that’s ideal for newlyweds, personalized glasses and tumblers hit the mark. Such glasses may feature the recipient’s name, or simply their initials. These glasses are also great for saying goodbye to someone who’s moving home, as they’re sure to take pride of place in their new kitchen and act as a warm reminder of the community they once lived in. Complement these personalized items with drinks dispensers and pitchers. Whether they’re filled to the brim with a refreshing lemonade or packed with a delectable punch, they’re a winning accompaniment to new glassware.

Parties outdoors are always exciting, but they come with the risk of broken glasses. Fortunately, there’s a range of acrylic solutions available. As a material that’s more resistant to falls than glass or crystal, it’s less likely to shatter on contact with the ground, and it maintains its aesthetic qualities too. As there’s a full range of outdoor drinkware available, you have plenty to choose from in terms of designs. Not only can you find the right glass, but you can also choose from a selection of pitchers and accessories. In addition to being suitable for outdoor soirees, they’re great for indoor engagements with plenty of children in attendance.

When seasons start to change and holidays begin to get closer, themed glasses become especially useful. Whether it’s the flashes of gold that are associated with autumn, or flecks of green for those spring and summertime gatherings, these little details make setting the tone at a party easier. In addition to finding the right tumblers and glassware, integrating a few carefully chosen serving platters is useful too. When color coordinated, these party accessories come together beautifully.