Outdoor Drinkware

After a long day at work, nothing is better than relaxing outside on your chaise lounge chair with a refreshing beverage. Outfit your deck or patio with trendy pieces of outdoor drinkware from Pottery Barn. Acrylic glasses are a smart option for serving beverages at bonfires, barbeques and parties. Broken glasses can be sure way to halt the fun at an outdoor gathering. Fortunately, acrylic is shatter resistant, making it a top choice for events where children and even adults will be in attendance.

If your family enjoys having dinner outside, give each family member his or her own glass by having the tumbler customized with a monogram. When selecting acrylic glasses, coordinate the style and color with your existing serving pieces. At the mention of acrylic glass, you may envision the tall, insulated tumbler that is popular during the hot, summer months. However, acrylic glassware comes in an assortment of chic styles. Choose from acrylic wine glasses, stemless wine glasses, goblets and mugs. If you can’t make up your mind about what kind of glass you prefer, purchasing an assortment lets you try every option so you can see which type you are more likely to use.

When you host a party, you want to stay outside with your guests as much as possible so that you don’t miss out on any fun. However, you also want to keep everyone comfortable by offering ample refills. Set up an acrylic beverage dispenser on your outdoor table. When drinks are getting low, a refill is only steps away. These fun dispensers come in an assortment of gorgeous designs. One model is a large version of the mason jar, a rustic favorite found in almost every kitchen. This piece holds 1.5 gallons and works with any standard beverage stand. Thanks to the clear acrylic, the contents double as party decor. Add chunks of fruit to incorporate color and a bit of sweetness into your drinks.

Another amazing beverage dispenser resembles a vintage cocktail shaker. This is a necessity at themed parties, as it coordinates well with other pieces of patio decor, such as lanterns and string lights. Select the size that suits your party needs. The small vintage cocktail dispenser holds 1.9 gallons, making it ideal for small, intimate gatherings. For more rambunctious events, stick with the larger version. This 3-gallon version keeps you from having to add more beverages as frequently.

Regardless of which type of dispenser you prefer, make sure you have a beverage stand for it. When you host a party, the small details make a significant difference. A silver beverage stand adds a sophisticated touch to any party. The sleek design is sure to complement all of your bar accessories. If you want to add another item to your collection of barware, a shot set is a handsome addition. Our comprehensive sets can come with a decanter, six shot glasses and a stand. Use the decanter to mix your favorite cocktails. Place the decanter in the stand so that you can securely carry it outside to your guests. The stand also has slots for each of the shot glasses, and the decanter holds about 51 ounces of liquid.

To keep your guests happy and content, make sure to serve a variety of delicious snacks using outdoor dinnerware. Acrylic comprises many of these plates so that you can coordinate your plates with your glasses. A galvanized metal tier stand works well for holding and organizing a multitude of snacks. Because the stand goes up rather than out, it preserves precious table space. The materials for this trendy stand are food safe. It’s also an efficient way to keep canned beverages, condiments and napkins aesthetically displayed. At the end of the night, cleanup is a cinch. Just wipe the stand with a soft, dry cloth.