When the sun is shining and the sky is blue, is there any place better than the outdoors? Whether you’re visiting with friends and family, settling down to read a good book or just sipping your morning coffee, enjoying the warm breeze and sunshine while doing so is a great way to relax. Fortunately, just because you’re outside doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice luxury. Pottery Barn has lots of cozy lounge furniture, including sectionals, to help you make the most of outdoor comfort. The best part is, you can either choose an outdoor sectional set or build your own, giving you the chance to completely customize your space the way you like it.

One of the great things about outdoor sectionals is their versatility. Today it’s an L-shaped couch, tomorrow it’s a chaise lounge chair. Many of our outdoor sectional sets feature a variety of configuration options to let you customize the furniture for all of your different lounging needs. You can even choose how many pieces you’d like in the sets, ranging from three pieces to six. Not only does the versatility allow you to easily change around your outdoor configuration, but it also gives you the opportunity to make the most of your layout, which is a great option if space is limited.

Unless you have a covered patio or deck, outdoor sectionals are going to have to put up with the elements. There’s no need to worry, though, because our outdoor furniture is built to withstand the weather during summer months. If you prefer wooden furniture, check out our sectionals made of sustainably harvested mahogany and eucalyptus. The kiln-dried hardwood of these sectional frames is combined with mortise-and-tenon joinery to give you lasting strength and durability. For a maintenance-free option, we also offer synthetic all-weather materials made from variegated eCollege®. Woven to resemble a fine wicker texture, these resilient frames are also rustproof.

Part of what makes a space so inviting is decorative harmony. The lounge furniture complements your accent pieces, and your color palette is carefully selected to enhance the decor. When it’s all put together, the end result can be stunning, which is why our outdoor sectionals are designed to work well with a range of tastes, from urban and chic to rural and rustic. You can pair your sectional with many of our other outdoor pieces, such as an ottoman, to help bring the flow of your overall design together. Finally, customize your sectional’s cushions with colored or patterned slipcovers for an added burst of personality.