The secret to creating landscaping with irresistible curb appeal is the strategic placement of outdoor planters. Pottery Barn offers planters in rustic styles and classic designs fit for front walkways, porches and flower beds. A pair of stately planters on either side of a gate or driveway sets your property apart and marks traffic areas for visitors. Personalize your front door even further with monogrammed door knockers and entry mats in a variety of shapes and styles. Sturdy door mats help keep entryways clean when the weather’s messy, too. Order extra mats for all of your exterior doors and patio entries to protect every floor in the house. Our front door and mailbox collection also features front porch and yard decorations in seasonal and year-round designs.


Illuminate front sitting areas and shrubbery with original colors and styles of string lights for magical outdoor living. Cafe lights, string lights and fairy lights add a festive and cheerful atmosphere to outdoor dining areas and patios as well. Use string lights indoors to give kitchens, bedrooms and living areas a touch of subdued and relaxing light. You’ll find additional decorative touches including lighting fixtures, banners and garlands in our patio decor collection. Coordinate string lights, decorative statuary and lanterns to design a remarkable and elegant yard you’ll be proud to call your own.