Planters & Gardening

Elegant homes and apartments often feature gorgeous, sculptural planters in their outdoor areas. Transform any outdoor space, from formal front door vignettes to private patios, with a few structured containers overflowing with healthy plants. It’s simple and easy, and you can even choose perennial plant varieties that require minimal maintenance for a no-stress container garden effect. Pottery Barn’s outdoor planters and gardening accessories are perfect for anything from seasonal flowering plant arrangements or permanent perennial plantings that grow and change from year to year. From massive concrete planters to small ceramic urns, our shapely, decorative garden planters are the perfect addition to any outdoor space.

Whether your home is a sleek mid-century palace with clean lines and minimal decor or a magnificent Greek revival stunner with breathtaking fluted columns at the entryway, our planters can fit right in. Though they can stand alone or sit alongside cozy lounge furniture, these planters are lovely enough to display even before you nestle some plants and soil inside. With size options ranging from generously proportioned footed planters large enough to hold a patio tree to smaller, troughlike planters for a sweet arrangement of annual flowering plants, you can stock your outdoor areas with planters in different shapes, sizes, colors and textures to create a wealth of texture and refined natural decor.

Thanks to this diversity of product options, you can use our planters in a variety of different contexts, from symmetrical accents at the base of an entryway staircase to an eclectic arrangement of plants on an apartment deck. Some of these planters are large enough to serve as room dividers of sorts in an outdoor area. If you want to segment your backyard into different lounge and dining areas complete with lighting and rugs, these planters can help. Our larger planters also make great foundations for a living privacy screen of tall, thick plants to block out visual and auditory evidence of the outside world, giving you a private oasis in any setting.

It’s easy to create smaller vignettes with our outdoor planters too. Arrange groupings of three or four planters of differing heights with accessories such as lanterns for an elegant entertaining setup. Use our remote-controlled LED candles to illuminate your lanterns, and you’ll have a quick, easy and impactful way of making your outdoor space feel special. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can buy pre-planted arrangements to fit inside our planters or pots for simple plants, like lemon trees or hedge shrubs, that don’t require a lot of maintenance and only occasionally need to be repotted.

Whether you’re accenting an outdoor dining area or adding some seasonal color to your doorstep, these outdoor planters are a perfect fit for your home. Choose from classically elegant glazed ceramic, subtly contemporary concrete or charmingly rustic galvanized steel to match your chosen setting or create an entirely new ambience. Gardening is essentially like accessorizing for your outdoor spaces, so get creative and add some new color and texture to your home with the right mix of plants and planters. Whether you choose low-maintenance succulents or opt to grow edible plants like lettuce or tomatoes in your planters, you’ll end up with a gorgeous decorative accessory that’s easy to change by swapping in new plants for old.

Use these planters to accent your outdoor furniture and make any space look thoughtfully finished. Just as decorative objects and floral arrangements make indoor spaces feel welcoming and stylish, planters and functional decor pieces such as lanterns add something special to your property on the outside. No matter how you choose to present them, you can embrace the natural beauty of botanical style and make a nod to artistic design with our planters.