Bath Rugs

The bathroom is one of the primary rooms in your home where functionality can sometimes take precedence over style. After all, a bath rug that looks good but doesn’t actually absorb water or feel comfortable isn’t of much use, nor is a pretty shower curtain that doesn’t block water from spraying all over the room. Luckily, Pottery Barn’s collection of bath rugs balances form and function by providing you with comfortable, absorbent floor coverings in a range of chic patterns and inviting colors. Select a bright bath rug to add a dash of color to your bathroom, or maintain a feeling of pristine tranquility with a neutral bath rug. We have plenty of options for you to choose from, including a variety of patterns, colors and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect match and fit for your bathroom.


Bath rugs are an important part of your bath linen collection. They allow you to keep your floor dry and comfortable, which can ultimately help you keep your bathroom clean by avoiding moisture build up around the edge of your bathtub or shower. Dry bathroom floors are also a matter of safety, so these rugs are more than mere decorative accessories. While you could use a towel to stand on when you get out of the shower, a bath rug is a better alternative because it’s designed to stay put on your floors and withstand wear and tear. Plus, our bath rugs are plush and cushy, so they’ll feel much more comfortable on your bare feet.


Our bath rugs and mats are suitable for use in any part of your bathroom, from in front of your sink to the entryway to your shower or bathtub. Made from soft, absorbent materials such as cotton with luxe additions like memory foam and reversible weaving, these bathroom floor coverings are a great way to make the room more comfortable and functional. With bath rugs available in a range of sizes, you’ll have no problem finding the right match for your bathroom, even a small powder room or half bath. We have some extra long bath rugs that can provide continuous padding and protection in front of a double sink console, providing added versatility and convenience.


Whether you place them in front of your sink console or shower, spend some time thinking about what colors and patterns will work best in your bathroom. We have plenty of neutral options available in this product category, but you can also select bright tones for a pop of color. Some of our bath rugs match with other items from our collection of bathroom linens, meaning you can coordinate your towels, bath mats and other items for sleek aesthetic cohesion in a variety of different colors. Other options, including monogramming, allow you to dial in the exact look you want for your bathroom.


If you don’t want to be too matchy-matchy in your bathroom, try opting for a bath mat that complements the other elements of your bathroom linen collection rather than matching exactly. Pick a rug in a shade that brings out a specific accent color in your shower curtain or contrasts nicely with your towels. You can also simply opt for a neutral shade such as white, gray or taupe and not worry about color coordination. We have plenty of options available so you can pick the style that works best for you. It’s a good idea to measure your chosen bath mat area to make sure the size you’ve chosen is suitable. Once you get that squared away, you can focus on picking up some handy and attractive new bath accessories to complete your bathroom arrangement and help make the room interesting, inviting and comfortable.