Belgian linen Collection

Belgian linen

For superior color and texture, we use
only the finest flax to create
our Belgian Linen Drape.

Belgian linen Collection
Linen/Cotton Collection


Our yarn-dyed linen and linen/cotton blend
drapes are woven with two different colored
threads, creating soft, subtle texture – and
the pure cotton lining offers moderate
levels of light filtration.

Linen/Cotton Collection
Cotton Collection


Neatly finished on all sides, our casual
cotton drapes, either textured or smooth,
offer moderate levels of light filtration and
privacy – and they're also a great choice for
dividing a room or draping a doorway.

Cotton Collection
Sheer Collection


Whether used alone to frame a window
or under heavier drapes for a layered effect,
these translucent drapes offer gossamer
beauty and versatile light filtration, whether
in cotton voile, linen or for outdoors.

Sheer Collection
Silk Collection


The intricately woven silk yarns of our
dupioni drapes vary in thickness, producing
a fabric with beautiful texture and unrivaled
strength – and each is fully lined in cotton
to optimize light control.

Silk Collection
Patterned Collection


Our in-house designers study ancient archives
and travel the world to gather inspiration for
our hand-painted patterns. From subtle to
bold, these works of art add eye-catching
beauty to any room of the home.

Patterned Collection
Outdoor Collection


Beyond blocking light and heat, our outdoor
drapes bring privacy and softness to a deck
or patio, giving the area a living room-like
feel – and each is made of a high-tech fabric
that's supremely easy to clean.

Outdoor Collection


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Curtains & Drapes

A classic decoration that is also functional in nature, choosing the correct curtains and drapes for each room in your home is an enjoyable decision. For many, it’s a great experience to match colors with the existing vibe and color palette in the room. Curtains and drapes do a good job of making any room feel like home and lived in. For some rooms, they offer complete blackout and light protection while in others they simply provide a decorative accent. Pottery Barn provides you with a myriad of different window treatments to bring out the beauty in every room in your home.


The patterned curtain collection offers you the ability to pair ornate patterns with styles in your living room, family room and elsewhere. Look for geometric patterns that may work well in a kids’ bedroom, or floor-length paisley drapes that bring a bit of retro style to your living room. Classic stripes in white and blue add a nautical feel if you live near the ocean―or wish you did―while darkly colored embroidered drapes help keep the light out and your privacy in. Another exceptional choice for curtains and drapes includes the Belgian linen collection. Each curtain or drape is woven completely of Belgian flax linen, a soft yet durable material that stands up to years of light penetration, washings and general use. Opt for neutral colors to work well in any space or consider a pop of color with Belgian linen in yellow or navy. Cotton is also a good material to select if you’re hanging curtains in your living room or family room as it is another durable materials that doesn’t fade under powerful ultraviolet rays.


When your interests lie more in decoration than functionality, consider curtains from the sheer collection. Choose from patterns, classic white and neutrals with a sheer, see-through finish. These types of drapes are excellent in an enclosed porch or mudroom, providing you with a little bit of light and privacy protection, but still allowing some visibility. Sheer curtains are also a good choice for side windows, or in your second-story bedroom. Sheer curtains in pure white offer a touch of classic elegance to any room in the home.


If privacy is a main concern, choose one of the many blackout curtains that are available. Blackout doesn’t necessarily have to mean dark-colored curtains; it simply means that the curtains have a tough construction that blocks out light from outside. Similar to other rooms, choose neutrals as a safe color option or go for darker blackout curtains against a white or light wall to create an interesting contrast. Patterns are also an ideal choice with blackout curtains, drawing attention away from the thickness of the material. Easy to care for and easy to clean, blackout curtains are meant to last a lifetime.


For a complete elegant and classic style, consider silk curtains to polish off the look in any room of your home. Choose bright, bold colors in silk for a shiny, beautiful sheen. Bold blues work well with existing neutral color palettes while grays complement a white or beige wall quite nicely. Velvet curtains are another ideal choice for living spaces, bedrooms and even as indoor/outdoor curtains, and plain linen curtains are a popular, comfortable choice that adds a beautiful touch to your space. When it comes to hanging curtains and drapers, always remember to add new window hardware to your walls. Easy to install and use, durable window hardware is meant to last for years of use. Match colors and styles with your existing rooms to create an overall look that’s both classic and engaging.