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Custom Rugs

Finding a rug that’s the exact size you need can be a challenge, particularly if you’re working with unusual dimensions. Pottery Barn’s custom rugs make life easier by allowing you to choose the exact length and width for your rug, ending your wild goose chase and setting you up for decor perfection. Made with natural materials such as sisal and seagrass, these rugs ship directly from the manufacturer, typically taking about four weeks from the date of your order to arrive at your home. Well worth the short wait, your custom rug is made to order according to your exact length and width specifications.

These custom rugs are all quadrilateral in shape and allow you to choose a length and width in one-foot increments from two feet to more than 10 feet, meaning you can order a perfect square or a thin rectangular runner based on your needs. In addition to choosing between a range of lengths and widths, these custom-order rugs are available in a variety of different shades with the option of adding a fabric border for a subtle pop of color. These rugs are a lovely natural neutral, and the optional fabric lining is available in colors such as red, indigo, gray, espresso and black. To keep your rug looking fresh and in good shape, use one of our rug pads underneath. This will also give these thin, latex-backed rugs a bit of extra padding and grip for hard flooring.