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Blown Glass Antique Decor

  • Mercury Glass Globe, Small

    Mercury Glass Globe, Small

    • $19.50 $49.50
      Light up our mercury-glass globes to impart a halo of warmth and good cheer. For an illuminated display on a tabletop, mantel or console, simply insert strands of white lights into globes of different sizes for a sparkling presentation. Small: 5.5" diameter Medium: 8" diameter Large: 13" diameter Blown-glass shapes with antique mercury finish; holes at the base for inserting string lights.
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    $19.50 $49.50
  • Gold Pearly Bulb Ornament

    Gold Pearly Bulb Ornament

    • $8.50 sale $2.99
      This beautiful and simple ornament is a perfect way to commemorate a special Christmas. 4" diameter, 4" high; 4" cord Made of blown glass with an antique gold finish. Aluminum and bronze cap. Hangs from a natural jute cord.
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    $8.50 sale $2.99
  • Glass Cloche Ring Holder, Small

    Glass Cloche Ring Holder, Small

    • $49 $59 special $39.20 $47.20
      Glass cloches, or bell jars, were created to protect seedlings or special flowers from adverse elements. We created ours in the same tradition, but designed it for use as a unique jewelry display. Watch/Bracelet: 4.5" diameter, 6" high Necklace: 8.5" diameter, 17" high Ring: 4.5" diameter, 9.5" high Aluminum and brass base with an antique-silver finish, blown-glass cloches. Monogramming is available at an additional charge. Monogram will be centered on the side of the glass cloche. Catalog / Internet Only.
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    $49 $59 special $39.20 $47.20
  • Artisanal Wall-Mount Vase

    Artisanal Wall-Mount Vase

    • $69 $109 special $55 $87
      These vases have the handmade feel of an antique. 4" wide x 5" deep x 36" high Crafted of blown glass and cast aluminum with a blackened bronze finish. Sold individually or as a set of 2. Includes mounting hardware. Catalog / Internet Only.
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    $69 $109 special $55 $87
  • Lit Mercury Glass Tree, Mini

    Lit Mercury Glass Tree, Mini

    • $29.50 $49.50
      Create a display of wintry light and shadows with these silver mercury-glass trees. Their mottled antiqued surfaces beautifully reflect lights that decorate them. Mini: 5" diameter, 6" high Small: 7" diameter, 9" Medium: 9.5" diameter, 17.5" Large: 9.5" diameter, 22" high Hollow glass tree is mouth blown and has a mercury-glass finish on its interior. Hole on the underside for placement of the lights.
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    $29.50 $49.50
  • Washed Mercury Vase, Large

    Washed Mercury Vase, Large

    • $149 sale $99.99
      These exquisite hand-blown vases gleam with our unique antique finish, adding a rich and subtle sparkle to dried and faux elements year-round. Small: 5.25" diameter, 5.5" high Medium: 8.5" diameter, 11.75" high Large: 13" diameter, 18" high Made of blown glass with an antique mercury finish. For dry display only.
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    $149 sale $99.99
  • Antique Mercury Glass Taper Holder, Small

    Antique Mercury Glass Taper Holder, Small

    • $16.50 $29.50
      Create a shimmering spectacle thats sure to add warmth to any gathering. These handmade pieces have soft rounded edges, sculptural turnings and beautifully detailed bases. The silvered mercury finish reflects the glow of flickering candlelight. Small: 3.5" diameter, 5" high Medium: 3.5" diameter, 10" high Large: 5" diameter, 13" high Made of blown glass with an antiqued mercury finish. Each holds a taper candle (not included).
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    $16.50 $29.50
  • Antique Mercury Glass Pillar Holder, Small

    Antique Mercury Glass Pillar Holder, Small

    • $19.50 $49 special $15.50 $49
      Create a dramatic display of silver and candlelight. Our elongated pillar holders have a sculptural design that mixes the classic turnings of woodwork with a square base and seamless stainless steel top. Small: 5.5" square, 6.5" high Medium: 5.5" square, 9" high Large: 5.5" square, 14.5" high X-Large: 5.5" square, 21" high Blown glass has antique silver finish. Candle plates are stainless steel.
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    $19.50 $49 special $15.50 $49