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Bronze Art Decor

  • Emery Recycled Glass Wall Art

    Emery Recycled Glass Wall Art

    • $399 Special $319
      Recycled glass discs arranged in playful zigzags on our art piece will catch the light and your eye. KEY PRODUCT POINTS Made from recycled glass. Hangs from a bronze painted wrought iron frame. Metal brackets with drilled holes for mounting. Mounting hardware includes metal screws with plastic drywall anchors.
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    $399 Special $319
  • Rustic Metal Letter, A

    Rustic Metal Letter, A

    • $31
      At twelve inches high, these letters have a dramatic presence when they spell a special name or message. Like salvaged artifacts from a historic storefront, they display a timeworn patina. Made of iron with a distressed rustic-bronze finish. Sold individually.
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  • Warm Landscape Framed Canvas, 36 x 36"

    Warm Landscape Framed Canvas, 36 x 36"

    • $599 Special $479
      Artist Paula Blackwell is inspired by the beauty and feel of nature. The ethereal quality of this serene painting reflects an ever-changing landscape. Using an encaustic technique, several layers of hot beeswax and resin are fused to the canvas and distressed for a soft texture before the final paint is applied. Our hand-embellished gicle reproduction captures the nuanced colors and surface effect of the original artwork.
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    $599 Special $479
  • Display Bar, 18" long, Bronze finish

    Display Bar, 18" long, Bronze finish

    • $15 $39 Sale $7.99 $29.99
      Create a multilevel display with our Studio Wall Easel. Frames are secured within a pair of brackets or hung from a picture hanger; brackets and picture hangers slide along the hanging pole and lock into place. Available as a 4'-long display bar (shown) or as an 18"-long bar. Finished in antique bronze. Frame brackets (shown) come in a set of 4; picture hangers come in a set of 2.
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    $15 $39 Sale $7.99 $29.99
  • Leo Windowbox Pillar Holder

    Leo Windowbox Pillar Holder

    • $99.50
      With its simple geometric design, our wall mounted pillar holder becomes an art piece over a console, in an entry or on a gallery wall. KEY PRODUCT POINTS Made of iron with a front glass panel. Features an antique bronze finish. Holds a 3x6" pillar candle.
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  • Ring Votive Holder, Small

    Ring Votive Holder, Small

    • $24.50 $101.50 Special $24.50 $99
      The slender curves of these holders give candlelight an artful presence. Small: 5" diameter, 5" high Medium: 7.5" diameter, 7.5" high Large: 12" diameter, 12" high Made of aluminum with a bronze finish.
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    $24.50 $101.50 Special $24.50 $99