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Italian Home Decor

  • Lupen Grainne Wood Gallery Framed Print, Boat Cover, Mat, 11 x 13", Black

    Lupen Grainne Wood Gallery Framed Print, Boat Cover, Mat, 11 x 13", Black

    • $59 $199
      Taken while traveling through a small, Italian coastal town, Lupen Grainne was inspired by these boats classic blue-and-white covers. This piece is a harmonious composition of the boats angular shapes and the striped cover against the long lines of the tide and horizon. 11" wide x 13" high 16" wide x 20" high 28" wide x 42" high Alder wood frame. Black or white painted finish; or espresso stained finish. Beveled white mat is archival quality and acid-free.
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    $59 $199
  • Homescent Scented Glass Candle Pot, Paperwhite

    Homescent Scented Glass Candle Pot, Paperwhite

    • $19.50 $39.50 special $15.50 $39.50
      Featuring a fragrance of paperwhite touched with a hint of gardenia and jasmine, our Homescent Collection comes specially packaged to create a welcome holiday gift. Tin Candle Pot: 4" diameter, 2.25" high Glass Candle Pot: 3" diameter, 3.5" high Mini Diffuser: 3 ounces Square Diffuser: 9.75 ounces Potpourri: 6 ounces Tin Candle Pot is made of tin with a printed lid and solid base. Glass Candle Pot is made of molded glass filled with scented paraffin wax.
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    $19.50 $39.50 special $15.50 $39.50
  • Ivory Ceramic Elephant Scented Candle Pot

    Ivory Ceramic Elephant Scented Candle Pot

    • $39.50 sale $24.99
      Our whimsical candle pot is artfully glazed to allow the color beneath to show through, adding subtle definition to its shape. Place it in a room to infuse it with warm tropical scents. 5.25" wide x 5" deep x 5" high Glazed stoneware filled with paraffin wax. Scent: Italian bergamot, red currant, basil leaf, peppercorn, black cardamom, coconut milk and cypress wood.
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    $39.50 sale $24.99
  • Tuscan Cachepot, White

    Tuscan Cachepot, White

    • $24 $99 special $18 $79
      These amply sized ceramics evoke the feeling of the Italian countryside. Each terra cotta piece is hand thrown and hand glazed in white with a rustic crackle finish.Unfinished areas provide textural contrast.All are watertight; urns feature side handles.Medium double-handled urn, cachepot and small double-handled urn are shown.Watch a video about {{link path='/stylehouse/videos/videos/eu_v1_rel.
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    $24 $99 special $18 $79
  • Reed Wrapped Vase, Small

    Reed Wrapped Vase, Small

    • $12.50 sale $7.99
      Italian wine bottles were wrapped in straw to protect them from the sun. Our update turns simple vases into airy works of art worthy of any bouquet. Small: 2.75" diameter, 5.25" high Lattice: 3.5" diameter, 5.75" high Hand-blown glass. Natural woven reed.
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    $12.50 sale $7.99