Small Pillar Holder

  • Antique Mercury Glass Pillar Holder, Small

    Antique Mercury Glass Pillar Holder, Small

    • $19.50 $49 Special $15 $39
      Create a dramatic display of silver and candlelight. Our elongated pillar holders have a sculptural design that mixes the classic turnings of woodwork with a square base and seamless stainless steel top. Small: 5.5" square, 6.5" high Medium: 5.5" square, 9" high Large: 5.5" square, 14.5" high X-Large: 5.5" square, 21" high Blown glass has antique silver finish. Candle plates are stainless steel.
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    $19.50 $49 Special $15 $39
  • Cement Pillar Holder, Small

    Cement Pillar Holder, Small

    • $99 $199 Sale $69.99 $99.99
      With the look of architectural finds, our large-scale pillar holders make a lofty statement in an outdoor space. Place them on a coffee table or console for a grand display of candlelight. Small: 12.5" diameter, 30.75" high Large: 10.25" diameter, 45.25" high Made of cement. PB Pillar Candles (sold separately) Imported.
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    $99 $199 Sale $69.99 $99.99
  • Arlington Pillar Holder, Small

    Arlington Pillar Holder, Small

    • $34.50 $39.50 Special $27 $31
      These pillar holders shine even without candlelight reflecting on their polished surfaces. Group several for a glamorous display, or place alone to take center stage on an accent table. Small: 4.25" diameter, 6.75" high Large: 4.25" diameter, 13.25" high Crafted of aluminum with a brass finish.
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    $34.50 $39.50 Special $27 $31
  • Carson Glass Pillar Holder, Small

    Carson Glass Pillar Holder, Small

    • $29.50 $39.50 Special $23 $31
      The simple design of this pillar holder lets the candlelight take center stage. Small: 4.5" diameter, 6" high Large: 4.5" diameter, 12" high Made of pressed crystal glass.
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    $29.50 $39.50 Special $23 $31
  • Galvanized Pumpkin Pillar Holder, Silver, Small

    Galvanized Pumpkin Pillar Holder, Silver, Small

    • $34.50 $59 Special $27 $47
      This openwork design adds a contemporary look to your seasonal decor. Stylish on its own, it also brings textural interest to a mixed arrangement. KEY PRODUCT POINTS Made of galvanized iron & rustic zinc. Recommended for indoor use or use under a covered porch. Imported.
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    $34.50 $59 Special $27 $47