Small Vases

  • Irving Metal & Glass Vase Vase, Short Multi-Bud

    Irving Metal & Glass Vase Vase, Short Multi-Bud

    • $49.50$79
      The metal frames that float our glass vases add definition to casual arrangements of small blooms. Tall: 9.5" square, 18" high Short Multi: 20" wide x 7" deep x 7" high Stands are made of forged iron. Vases are made of handblown glass.
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  • Carolina Embossed Terra Cotta Vase, Small

    Carolina Embossed Terra Cotta Vase, Small

    • reg. price $49.50$129 special $39$103
      An aged rustic finish gives each of our hand-thrown vases the individual character of an heirloom. Small: 7" diameter, 9" high Medium: 8.5" diameter, 13" high Pitcher: 13.75" wide x 11.25" deep x 17" high Made of terra cotta with a white glazed finish.
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    reg. price $49.50$129 special $39$103
  • Enamel Tea Canister Vase, Black

    Enamel Tea Canister Vase, Black

    • $19.50
      Vintage tea tins are the perfect catchalls to hold office supplies or small bouquets. Our contemporary version comes in bright, solid colors for a sleek look. 4" square, 5.5" high Hand-made of iron with a painted enamel finish.
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  • Black Elephant Vase Tassel

    Black Elephant Vase Tassel

    • $16.50
      A small elephant and a contrasting pattern of black and white add an exotic touch to a display of small decorative objects or a vase. 1.5" diameter, 43.5" long Made of rayon, polyester and aluminum.
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  • Reed Wrapped Vase, Small

    Reed Wrapped Vase, Small

    • $16.50
      Italian wine bottles were wrapped in straw to protect them from the sun. Our update turns simple vases into airy works of art worthy of any bouquet. Small: 2.75" diameter, 5.25" high Lattice: 3.5" diameter, 5.75" high Hand-blown glass. Natural woven reed.
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  • Mercury Jar Vase, Large

    Mercury Jar Vase, Large

    • $19.50$29.50
      Our metallic antiqued finish turns an eclectic mix of jars into a charming, unified collection (each sold separately). Small: 4.75" diameter, 5.5" high Medium: 6.75" diameter, 7" high Large: 3.5" diameter, 10" high Hand-blown glass with a mercury finish.
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  • Simple Wall-Mount Vase

    Simple Wall-Mount Vase

    • $15.50$29
      This clear handblown glass vase hangs directly from an antiqued iron nail and is sized just right for a simple bouquet. Small: 3" diameter, 7" high Hand-blown glass vase. Sold individually or as a set of 2. Catalog / Internet only.
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  • Washed Mercury Vase, Small

    Washed Mercury Vase, Small

    • $19.50$149
      These exquisite hand-blown vases gleam with our unique antique finish, adding a rich and subtle sparkle to dried and faux elements year-round. Small: 5.25" diameter, 5.5" high Medium: 8.5" diameter, 11.75" high Large: 13" diameter, 18" high Made of blown glass with an antique mercury finish. For dry display only.
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  • Chevron Painted Vase

    Chevron Painted Vase

    • $19.50
      For a bold statement packed into a small footprint, add this graphic vase to a shelf or table. 5.25" diameter, 5" high Hand-made of terracotta. Hand-painted and glazed finish.
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  • Tuscan Cachepot, White

    Tuscan Cachepot, White

    • $24$99
      These amply sized ceramics evoke the feeling of the Italian countryside. Each terra cotta piece is hand thrown and hand glazed in white with a rustic crackle finish.Unfinished areas provide textural contrast.All are watertight; urns feature side handles.Medium double-handled urn, cachepot and small double-handled urn are shown.Watch a video about {{link path='/stylehouse/videos/videos/eu_v1_rel.
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  • Painted Ceramic Pitcher, Small, Green

    Painted Ceramic Pitcher, Small, Green

    • $39.50$49.50
      Bring the garden inside. The spring colors and rustic touches of these vases will complement simple bouquets. Small: 6.5" wide x 5.5" deep x 7" high Large: 8.75" wide x 7.5" deep x 10" high Handmade of terra cotta with a glazed finish.
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