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Square Pillar Lantern

  • Bennett Lanterns, Small

    Bennett Lanterns, Small

    • $69 Special $55
      Add the warm glow of candlelight to outdoor gatherings. Our Bennett Lanterns add classic style with their simplified, handsome design. Small: 7.5" square, 12.25" high. Large: 9.5" square, 15.5" high. Small lantern holds a 3 x 6" PB Pillar Candle (sold separately). Large lantern holds 4 x 8" PB Pillar Candle (sold separately). Expertly made of aluminum with a powder coated antique finish. Lanterns are outdoor safe.
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    $69 Special $55
  • Malta Lantern - Silver Finish, Small

    Malta Lantern - Silver Finish, Small

    • $34 $249 Special $27 $199
      Create a candlelight display with our handsome steel Malta Lantern year-round. Each lantern can rest on a flat surface or hang. Small: 5" square, 12" high; holds a 3 x 3" PB Pillar Candle. Candles are sold separately. Medium: 7" square, 18" high; holds a 3 x 6" PB Pillar Candle. Candles are sold separately. Large: 10" square, 29" high; holds 4 x 8" PB Pillar Candle. Candles are sold separately. X Large:  14" square, 42" high; holds multiple PB Piillar Candles.  Candles are sold separately.
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    $34 $249 Special $27 $199
  • Kistler Lantern, Mini

    Kistler Lantern, Mini

    • $29.50 $119 Special $23 $95
      An antique-bronze finish adds rich luster to this classic design. Place our lanterns on a coffee table or console, or along a patio, to enhance the look of flickering candlelight. Mini: 4.25" square, 9" high; use with a PB Tealight. Square: 9" square, 17.5" high; use with a 3" x 6" PB Pillar Candle. Tall: 9" square, 21" high; use with a 4" x 8" PB Pillar Candle. Made of stainless steel and glass; finished in antique bronze. Imported.
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    $29.50 $119 Special $23 $95
  • Bristol Lantern, Small

    Bristol Lantern, Small

    • $59 $99 Special $41 $69
      Designed to resemble mansard-roofed buildings, our Bristol Lanterns have a circular top that lets heat escape while the dramatic glow of the candle stays protected. Gather them around an indoor or outdoor seating area as a warm light display. Small: 5.5" square, 11" high; holds a PB Votive candle. Medium: 7"square, 16" high; holds a 3 x 6" PB Pillar candle. Large: 8.5" square, 19.75" high; holds a 4 x 8" PB Pillar candle. Candles are sold separately. Crafted of white painted pinewood. Glass panes.
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    $59 $99 Special $41 $69
  • Baxter Lantern

    Baxter Lantern

    • $99 Special $79
      Framed in gleaming polished metal and accented with a square wooden handle, our lantern brings a contemporary look to a tabletop display. 11" square, 20.5" high; holds a 3"-diameter, 6"-high pillar candle Crafted of aluminum and mango wood.
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    $99 Special $79
  • Talia Galvanized Lantern

    Talia Galvanized Lantern

    • $129 Special $103
      The lacework pattern on our lantern is reminiscent of Moroccan filigreed lamps. When lit with a pillar candle, it produces a beautiful play of light and shadow. 8.25" square, 29" high Made of iron with an antique finish.
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    $129 Special $103