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Vintage Metal Kitchen Equipment

  • Vintage Blacksmith Mug Tree

    Vintage Blacksmith Mug Tree

    • $39.50
      Add a welcoming touch to your kitchen by displaying your favorite mugs on our charming stand. Rivets and a ring-shaped top add the character of a blacksmiths creation. 13" diameter, 20" high Made of steel metal with a blackened finish.
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  • Speakeasy Metal Cocktail Shaker

    Speakeasy Metal Cocktail Shaker

    • $39.50
      Inspired by the vintage barware of the Prohibition era, our shaker is etched for the look of a 1920s piece. 4" diameter, 10" high, 23 fluid ounces Shaker is made of polished aluminum. Etched designs. Monogram will be centered in the middle and is 1" high.
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  • Vintage Blacksmith Metal & Wood Lazy Susan

    Vintage Blacksmith Metal & Wood Lazy Susan

    • $49.50
      Lazy Susans have refined the art of condiment passing. Our version has rustic charm for everyday family meals or casual get-togethers. 14" diameter, 2" high Made of mango wood. Features a blackened iron frame. Catalog / Internet only.
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  • PB Classic Glass Drink Dispenser, Small

    PB Classic Glass Drink Dispenser, Small

    • $59 $79 Special $47 $63
      Fill our party-sized glass urn with sangria, punch or the iced thirst-quencher of your choice. Small Dispenser: 9" diameter, 11" high; 1.9 gallon capacity Large Dispenser: 10" diameter, 13" high; 3 gallon capacity Inspired by a vintage cocktail shaker. A handy metal spigot lets guests serve themselves. Finished with a metal lid that seals with a gasket. Stands sold separately. PB has an assortment of stands designed to fit both drink dispensers.
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    $59 $79 Special $47 $63
  • Vintners Wine Opener

    Vintners Wine Opener

    • $299
      Modeled after a vintage professional wine opener we saw at a vineyard, our tabletop version securely holds a wine bottle in place for uncorking. 14" wide x 9" deep x 26.5" high Made of steel metal with a bronze finish and a rubber wood handle.
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