Wall Board - Bulletin Boards, Chalkboards, and Corkboards

  • Modular Wall Wipe Board, Galvanized

    Modular Wall Wipe Board, Galvanized

    • $49 $179
      Keep a month of dates and to-dos in sight and top-of-mind with our galvanized wipe board. 20.5" wide x 14" high Galvanized sheet over an MDF frame. Magnetic. Includes an eraser and pen.
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    $49 $179
  • Linen Pinboard, 36 x 24", Stone

    Linen Pinboard, 36 x 24", Stone

    • $99 $159
      Our stone-colored linen board provides a generous backdrop for displaying photos, notes and artwork. Hang two pin boards side by side for an expansive display. Small: 24" wide x 36 high Large: 48" wide x 36" high Linen-covered pinboard over an MDF frame. Includes 20 metal pushpins. Hangs vertically or horizontally. Mounting hardware is included. Catalog / Internet Only.
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    $99 $159
  • Daily System Entryway Set, Black

    Daily System Entryway Set, Black

    • $309 Sale $209.99
      Clever and versatile, our modular Daily System is the ultimate home-office assistant. With a wall design that frees up floor space, this set adds functionality and organization to your entryway.
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    $309 Sale $209.99
  • Framed Corkboard, 36 x 24", Black

    Framed Corkboard, 36 x 24", Black

    • $99 $169
      This oversized corkboard works as well in the dining room, kitchen or mudroom as it does in the home office. Small: 36" wide x 24" high Large: 36" wide x 48" high Available Colors: Black, White and Espresso. Hangs vertically or horizontally.
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    $99 $169
  • Gabrielle Organizer Wood 4-Peg Rail, White

    Gabrielle Organizer Wood 4-Peg Rail, White

    • Sale $18 $139
      Keeping everything straight just got easier. Our smart and stylish organizing system now helps you maximize efficiency in all the busy areas of the home pantry, entry, office, garage, laundry and more. Because its modular, it can easily be configured to meet your specific needs. KEY PRODUCT POINTS All components hang directly from peg rails. Peg rails include anchors and screws for wall mounting.
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    Sale $18 $139
  • Industrial Chalkboard Wall Clock

    Industrial Chalkboard Wall Clock

    • $249
      Hang this clock in a kitchen or home office where family plans are made. Framed with a wide, magnetic chalkboard, this clever clock not only tells the time, but keeps you on schedule with plenty of space to jot down appointments or post notes. 39" diameter, 3" deep Iron sheet over MDF with a painted chalkboard and magnetic surface. Clock face has a timeworn look. Tea-stained paper with black metal hands and a glass front. Includes three magnets. Requires 1 AA battery (not included).
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