Accent Mirrors

At Pottery Barn, we want you to have total creative freedom when designing your room’s decor layout. Whether you already have a dream design in mind or just want to let your imagination run wild with possibilities, the end results are a space filled with excitement and life. Things you’re passionate about always show through, taking a home to the next level. Decorative objects and artwork offer major pops of color, emotion and texture too. Check out a few helpful accent mirror tips and ideas to inspire you even more.

One big advantage of accessorizing a room with accent mirrors is the amount of light they bring into the space. It doesn’t matter if it’s natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows or the golden shine of a crystal chandelier; accent mirrors reflect it all and increase the room’s brightness big time. Having more illumination elevates the rest of your decor. The colors in your favorite artwork stand out even more, and your furniture layout feels especially inviting.

Another benefit of accent mirrors is their effect in smaller spaces. Therefore, rooms are cozy by design – such as a warm bedroom – while others are due to floor space limitations. Accent mirrors help out in both cases by essentially adding another room next door. That makes you and your guests feel comfortable anywhere. It also gives you the freedom to use more encompassing furniture – such as a U-shaped sectional in an intimate living room – while still creating an open and relaxing ambience.

In many cases, accent mirrors and functional mirrors are interchangeable when talking from a design standpoint. That’s because you’re the mastermind behind your design. Sometimes, the ideal piece in your eyes will be a clean rectangular floor-length mirror propped up against the wall. The main difference with accent mirrors is that they have a bold layer of art included. Instead of a round or oval wall mirror with a simple border, accent mirrors give you a metallic starburst pattern or a completely distinct shape.

Accent mirrors have a powerful effect on the room’s vibe. Paris chic thrives off of metallic accents and reflective surfaces. Bright mirrors can make a space feel lighthearted and even playful. That’s ideal when you’re trying to create a place dedicated to relaxation or chilling with friends. If major luxury more your style, look for accent mirrors with ornate borders and golden tones especially. When it comes to art-inspired spaces, mirrors are right at home with colorful paintings and black-and-white photography. Black frames or multipanel pieces have a modern art gallery feel that enhances the surrounding artwork. In a minimalist design, a standalone mirror on an accent wall is visually captivating.

In the living room, feel free to play around with more than one accent mirror. If your focus wall has a striking canvas, draw even more attention to it with two circular mirrors to each side. Another great place for a large mirror or a group of smaller mirrors is above your fireplace or above a console table. Using large and small mirrors – or a combination of round, square and rectangular – with different borders together gives a room an artistic and exotic collector’s appearance. That makes the room feel warm and intimate.

In the bedroom, it’s common to use mirrors based solely on function – such as a full-length mirror to check your appearance before heading out the door. There’s nothing wrong with that idea, but it can be added to. Floor-length accent mirrors also look amazing when placed behind a bedroom reading nook or seating arrangement. An elegant chair with a neutral rug and a floor lamp look twice as gorgeous when reflected in a tall mirror with lavish detail.

In the dining room, create a breathtaking vignette by propping up an accent mirror on your buffet. Layer decorative pieces to the sides and in front of the mirror in varying heights. Bowls, vases, unscented candles and photographs are a few spectacular possibilities.