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Decorating With Different Types of Mirrors

Mirrors are special accories that are both beautiful and functional, making great additions to your living space. Use them in every room in your home and even in hall or entryways. We here at Pottery Barn have put together some tips on how to decorate with mirrors find the one that suits your needs.

Make Small Areas Look Bigger

Hang an accent mirror over a console table in an entryway or small foyer. A round or rectangular-shaped mirror will complement the table while it broadens the viewing area. For small square tables, a round mirror would work fabulously to change up the geometric lines. For long, narrow console tables, try a rectangular mirror with funky panes in it. The entryway or foyer is a terrific location for a mirror hung near an outside door so you can check your appearance before heading out into the world. Mirrors open up small corners in hallways to make them look bigger if you have an area that you are looking to expand.

Showcase a Bar Area

Mirrors make a big splash when displayed over a bar area. Showcase your bar with a stunning mirror that jazzes up the space. A sunburst design or a large square mirror is just the ticket for a simple yet refined way to decorate a bar cabinet or buffet. You’ll be serving cocktails in true bartending fashion.

Take Time to Reflect in the Bath

Mirrors are essential in the bath. For practicality reasons, mirrors ensure that mascara is on evenly and no spots are missed when shaving. However, bathroom mirrors can also be decorative accessories. Hang a rustic painted mirror or a contemporary frameless one over a bathroom vanity. By hanging a mirror that you really like, getting ready for the day or winding down at bedtime is more pleasant and enjoyable.

Full-length Mirrors in the Bedrooms

Full-length mirrors are helpful to make sure your outfit matches before you head out for the day or night. Choose from studio designs and extra large mirrors that prop up against a wall. Alternatively, choose a full-length mirror that stands alone. These mirrors are far too attractive to be in a closet. Let them shine out in the open next to a bedroom dresser or nightstand in all the bedrooms in your home. The kids and any guests will appreciate the luxury of a full-length mirror. Look for details like beveled edges, built-in clothing racks and sleek lines in the framing.

Mirrors Work Well Outdoors

Accessorize outdoor living spaces with mirrors. By hanging a mirror on a wall, the reflection of nature serves as a backdrop on your covered porch or deck. A bamboo design or galvanized tin mirror would be suited to the outdoors and would blend into the natural setting. Try hanging it over an outdoor sofa or sectional. A mirror hung in your outdoor living space lends itself to creating an inside vibe. This is a superb area for entertaining or just hanging out reading a book or relaxing in the fresh air. The more you decorate this area, the more you’ll want to use it.

Put a Mirror in the Garage

That’s right, a mirror is very useful in a garage. You’ll be amazed at how handy a mirror with shelves and hooks can be hanging on a garage wall. Hang it near the entry door to hold jackets, scarves and the kids’ sports accessories like shin guards and tennis racquets. Place a storage bench or trunk under the mirror to make it easier to put your gardening shoes or sports cleats on. The storage bench or trunk can store umbrellas, sports equipment and rainy weather gear too. This area keeps items that don’t need to be trekked in the house stored neatly and attractively.