All Mirrors

Mirrors placed throughout your home serve a functional purpose, offering you that last look before leaving the house. They add light and spaciousness to your home to create a decorative effect too. Our collection of wall and floor mirrors provides you with a wide assortment of sizes and shapes – including octagon, square, round and oval – to add these visually appealing accessories to your indoor spaces, from the hallway and bedroom to the dining and living rooms.


A Pottery Barn favorite is our Eagan Collection of multipaneled mirrors. Crafted of several smaller mirrors made into one, they give the appearance of a window, opening up a small room or apartment to appear as a larger space. The beveled edges of each smaller mirror also reflect light and multiple colors. The same effect is offered by our beveled floor mirrors. Use an oversized floor mirror to open up any space or as a very useful asset to a bedroom dressing area. Our large floor mirrors are tip resistant but also come with mounting kits if you prefer to hang one. Take a look at our beautiful carved door mirrors and mirrored floor screen for ideas on how to bring a dramatic effect to your room.


Mirrors can also serve as pieces of artwork in your home. Our decorative mirrors shaped like stars and geometric patterns are skillfully cut and crafted to create multiple light-catching facets. Find a focal point in your home to hang them, such as over a mantel or on a smaller partition of wall space, as you would a piece of artwork. Our decorative antiqued mirrors add a refined air to a section of your room or hallway. Larger mirrors can also accentuate the art that is hanging on adjacent walls. A strategically placed mirror will reflect the art, furnishings and colors in your room that you want to emphasize, providing balance and symmetry to the space at the same time.


For a room that has a particularly pleasant view from a window, perhaps into the garden or looking across the cityscape, you can bring that view inside by placing mirrors on the wall opposite the window. Consider our frameless or extra-large mirrors. Several can be hung together, either of varying shapes and sizes or a few of the same, depending on the design you prefer. The same effect can be created for potted and hanging plants inside your home. The natural greenery doubles when a mirror sits nearby or behind your plants. Our trellised and bamboo mirrors might do particularly well to continue the garden theme, but any of our mirrors help create the open-air feel of a garden or greenhouse within your home.


Rooms that lack natural lighting benefit greatly from mirrors. A silver beaded mirror hung horizontally over the buffet in your dining room, for instance, will reflect the candles on your dining room table, the overhead chandelier or wall sconces or the lanterns you have strategically placed on your hutch or corner table. Entryways are also a natural place for a wall mirror. And mirrors placed in dimly lit hallways offer added light and depth to these narrower spaces.


For the bedroom, enjoy discovering our selection of pivoting floor mirrors. These large mirrors are freestanding and can angle to just the right position for anyone catching a look at the outfit for the day. For your vanity, our trifold mirror sits right on top of a flat surface, and an over-the-door mirror is a great choice when space is limited or hanging on the wall is not an option. You can also create your own vanity space by mounting a pivoting mirror on your wall. The choices are plentiful – from round to rectangular to oval – and each is accompanied by strong and durable mounting kits. Our moisture-resistant pivoting mirrors are especially at home in the bathroom as an accent above your sink to accommodate each family member, from the tallest to the tiniest.