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How to Add Color to a Room With Pillows

If rooms were gourmet dishes, pillows would be that secret sauce you add to spice things up. Pillows are versatile accessories that transform a room by just adding a touch of color. Portable and easy to store, pillows can be the solution to the mystery of what’s missing in a room. Looking for a quick update? Add pillows in a new hue, and you’ve got a fresh look. It’s just that easy. Choose from our selection of colorful pillows in different styles, shapes and sizes to enhance the flavor in any room.

Brighten Up a Neutral Room

Inject energy into a muted space with colorful pillows. Transform a living room into an inviting space by using pillows to provide contrast in a color scheme. Consider pink pillows on a sage sofa or turquoise on a charcoal gray chaise. Wake up a great room enveloped in various shades of brown with jewel-toned blues or green pillows. Take a monochromatic color scheme from serene to sublime with several vibrant colored pillows tossed about. Don’t shy away from using neutral colors to provide contrast in an already colorful room. Add khaki gray pillows in a children's bedroom steeped navy blue and red.

Emphasize an Accent Color

Perhaps you have a living room in a rut or a bedroom that’s keeping you up at night. Instead of going back to the drawing board and doing a complete makeover, use pillows that highlight an accent color. Find inspiration in a favorite comforter or piece of art. Then, pick an accent color that leaps out at you. If it’s a sky blue, choose pillows in that color. Add interest by layering in pillows in different shapes, featuring the same color. If you're stumped on where to start, consider checking out prints in draperies or wallpaper. Pick pillows based on one of those colors.

Create Continuity

Use colorful pillows to create continuity in a space. Perhaps you have awesome individual pieces of furniture but the room lacks unity or a sense of harmony. Pick colors from the different solid pieces of furniture and select pillows that incorporate two to four of those colors and arrange on a sofa and occasional chairs. Also, consider placing small solid color pillows in corresponding colors in a large container or basket. Position the basket in an empty space. Balance the pillow colors with a similarly colored throw on an accent chair. Feel free to use pillows with different designs and patterns. Stripes can work with florals as long as there is consistency in colors or textures.

Seasonal selections

Keep a space fresh by adding colorful pillows that reflect the season. During the holidays, consider bringing in red or green holiday pillows for a Christmas theme and, for Hanukah, select a bejeweled blue and silver pillow. Redecorating with pillows need not be limited to traditional special occasions. Keep a stock of pillows in the colors of your favorite sports team. The big game is a special enough occasion to switch out pillows. Remember outdoor spaces too. Consider buying pillows made with high-quality fabrics, such as Sunbrella®, that can be used inside and outdoors. These fade-resistant pillows are ideal for sunrooms, lanais and other spaces that receive plenty of sunlight. The best thing about using pillows to bring color into a room is that it’s hard to go wrong. What works well in one room today may work even better in another room tomorrow. The key is to mix and match with what you have and add new pillows to give a space a different look.