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Soothe Your Senses with Coastal Wall Art

Bring the beach house vibes to your place with coastal wall art. This soothing genre of artwork features the themes of the sea with sand, sea creatures, sunshine and loads of glorious blues and greens worked into pieces. Go saturated or low-key with this style of art. It's versatile enough that you can pull it off in your own sandy, whitewashed cottage, use it to soften the atmosphere of a high-end urban loft or create a sense of escape in a comfortable home in the suburbs.

Fresh Takes on Beach Wall Art

Expand what you know about coastal wall art. You might have seen the style in rambling beach motels or some of your favorite seafood houses, but the beach wall art of today relies on a modern, pop-culture aesthetic to streamline themes and motifs into genuine contemporary art.

  • Look for prints that showcase the unexpected fractal geometry of seagrasses or coral. Cool, yet surprising colors elevate the look with navy blue, fuchsia or silver.
  • Consider a hyper-realistic take on photography or oils a post-modern grid of all the colors of the sea. Coastal wall art can be identifiable while pushing the boundaries of representational art.
  • Keep it playful with beach scenes that evoke your aspirations or memories of good times. Crowded party beaches, surfboards in the sun and beach fashion highlight the livelier side of sun and sand.

Choosing Rooms for Nautical Wall Art

Traditionally, most people reserve their bathroom or powder room for nautical art. This is mostly because there is water running in the bathroom, but there's water running in the kitchen or laundry--and you don't need water nearby to hang coastal wall art.

  • Brighten up a hallway with cerulean and aqua artwork. The cheer of the colors makes passing between rooms a moment of reflection and content.
  • Create an airy, open feeling in a living room or other sitting room. You can tie blues and greens into whatever furnishings you've chosen. Even heavy woods look good with a powerful blue accent.
  • Decorate your bedroom with the themes of the beach. Let yourself feel transported every time you enter your private chambers. Choose crisp bedding and reclaimed wood furnishings to enhance the aesthetic.

Creating Galleries in Your Home

If you're interested in collecting coastal wall art, you can design a gallery wall in a room or even an alcove or corner. Select artwork that is already curated into gallery form to make it easiest or choose pieces you love and hang them in a way that suits the layout of your room.