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Landscapes and Scenic Art

When you begin to fill your walls with art, it’s important to find pieces that you enjoy. When you come home from a long day at work, it’s nice to see a framed photograph that makes you smile. Looking up and seeing a piece of art you enjoy when you’re in your home office and deep in thought regarding a work project can give you some added comfort and inspiration. Having peaceful and comfortable works of art that surround you can help you feel more relaxed in your work zone. It’s also satisfying to have friends and family notice and enjoy your paintings and prints when they come over to visit.

Some of the most desirable and relaxing works of art we have available at Pottery Barn include landscapes and scenic art. Particularly if you love to travel or love to dream of traveling, adding beach scenes, skylines and other landscapes make elegant additions to your living space or your workspace. As you’re decorating your home office, look for pieces that not only look professional but also have personality. Sketches of the Manhattan skyline, prints of the Golden Gate Bridge or photographs of Chicago are all wonderful choices to add depth to your office space. For a distinctly European feel, look for shots or portraits of European architecture and street scenes. For relaxing options, consider seascapes, cliffside portraits or beach scenes. These types of prints and paintings also work well in any room with a coastal or marine-inspired theme.

Mountains and tree scenes also add character to a room. These scenes may look best in your family room, den or mudroom, but anywhere you like it is the right place. You can also consider snow scenes for an eclectic look. The brilliant white in these pieces of art often provides a stunning backdrop on your wall. Desert scenes or landscapes done in black and white are also tasteful choices to adorn your walls in any setting.

When matching art to complement your existing art, furniture and other decor items, you may want to complement the colors in the painting or print itself or work with the color of the frame. For most pieces, there are several frame options available to suit other colors within the room. Choose from colors like black, white and espresso to make a suitable match. Some artists and photographers work chiefly with landscape and scenic photography and portraits, so if you find a particular print or canvas that you like, you have the ability to shop by artist, allowing you to have even more decorating choices.