Enhance Your Art Collection with Map Art

Indulge your sense of wanderlust by incorporating map art into your home. This Pottery Barn collection celebrates the defining characteristics of some of the world's top cities, showcasing notable landmarks, city maps and vibrant sketches. This travel art collection allows you to add a personal touch to your walls. Select a print from a city you love--perhaps one you lived in or visited for a memorable vacation. Discover the different types of map art available in this Pottery Barn collection.

Travel Art Styles

Celebrate your travels to Europe or your favorite U.S. city by incorporating scenes from these cities in your home art collection. This art collection showcases these cities in new and unique ways. If you're a Francophile, look no further than the works of art celebrating Paris. Invest in a watercolor of the Eiffel Tower or, as a more understated nod to Paris, a unique blueprint of this landmark.

Avid skiers will delight at the vintage ski posters available in this collection. These inkjet-printed posters showcase vibrant colors and details, lending a colorful touch to your walls. They also feature several notable ski locations across the globe, allowing you to select one that you've visited or dream of visiting.

Pay tribute to U.S. cities that you adore with travel art as well. This collection also includes art inspired by notable U.S. locations, including Boston and New York City. You'll discover sketches of the New York City skyline, cartoon-inspired creations of New York's subway and vintage maps of Boston wards.

Finally, add a global touch to your home art collection with art featuring world maps. Many of these world maps feature a versatile neutral hue, allowing them to complement many homes. Select a map that coordinates with other wall art like canvas art. You can even discover maps of the solar system, adding an extraterrestrial touch to your home art collection.

Construction and Installation

This map art collection features an array of durable prints that are simple to hang on your walls. Many designs come framed and ready to hang in your home. They feature neutral frames in hues of black, white and gold, which complement any space. These frames boast a sturdy wood construction that proves durable for years to come. Plus, they are easy to hang on your wall with a simple hammer and nail installation.

The art in this Pottery Barn collection uses giclee printing to showcase the vibrant hues and intricate details of each piece. Choose a print that coordinates with your room. You can find color inspiration everywhere, including on accent pillows in your room. So, add a sense of adventure to your art collection by choosing map art that reminds you of places you've visited or places you hope to visit someday.