Accent each room in your home with carefully placed candles. The soft flickering light creates a warm, cozy atmosphere, and decorative candles make a statement. Scented candles are relaxing, often invoking happy memories. At Pottery Barn, we have both normal and flameless candles in various designs, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. A sculpted candle makes for a great gift, or pair a pillar candle with a decorative candle holder for a finished look.

Choose the type of candle to suit your taste or needs. A pillar candle is chunky, looking just as effective on its own as it does in a group. This type of candle sits on a candle holder with a large base or looks elegant when paired with a hurricane holder. Group some pillar candles together of different widths and heights to create a dramatic display in a fireplace or on a decorative plate. Ivory or white candles go well with any decor in your home, but why not theme the color to match your specific furnishings or even to celebrate certain holidays. A textured design is interesting, while a candle filled with decorative objects, such as seashells, has a summery appeal as the light flickers around them.

Save yourself the stress of worrying about safety with candles. Use flameless candles so you can relax even when your kids or pets are near the candles, and so you can place your candles near drapes and artwork safely. A flameless wax candle looks exactly like the real thing but has a faux wick and a switch to turn it on. The wick flickers realistically and the candle glows inside, just like a real one. The candle burns for up to 500 hours so it’s much more efficient than the alternative, and there’s no messy wax residue to clean up.

There are outdoor versions of flameless candles too. The weather resistant design means you can leave them on your patio or in your yard. Set them with a timer for gentle light as and when you want it. Great for when you’re entertaining in warm months, you can rest easy knowing they won’t melt in the hot sun during the day. Use a remote control to operate your flameless candles from a distance. If you’re inside but your candles are outside, or if they’re just in an awkward place that’s hard to reach, switch your candles on and off from a distance of up to 25 feet away.

Set the mood in each room with a scented candle. Vanilla in the bathroom is soothing while lavender in your bedroom helps give you restful sleep. An oil diffuser is the perfect accompaniment to a candle. The soft, flickering light combined with a distinctive fragrance is welcoming and relaxing. An oil diffuser consists of a decorative container filled with fragrant oil and diffuser sticks that disperse the glorious scent around your room. Scented candles and oil diffusers are lovely gifts, and you can choose a scent that you know the recipient adores – or soon will. Give a scented candle that’s set in a decorative lidded pot for a special touch. The lid reveals multiple wicks inside, which help to disperse the scent freely and create more light around it.

Sculpted candles also make unique gifts and can be tailored to the recipient. A gardener finds succulent–shaped candles fun while cute animal-shaped candles are adored by animal lovers. A room with a nautical theme benefits from candles designed as sea creatures, and an artisanal room is complemented by candles set in mercury glass.

Whether inside or outside, there’s no end to what you can do with candles. Brighten up a windowsill with decorative votive candles and put a candle holder on the coffee table that holds numerous tealights for a unique talking point. When entertaining outside, dot tealights along walkways or around the patio for atmospheric light.