Your home is your haven, so make each room inviting and relaxing with the help of some candlelight. The flickering flames create a warm and cozy ambience, and the style and arrangement of the candles and holders you choose determine the overall effect. At Pottery Barn, we have a multitude of candleholders that are stunning on their own and look striking when arranged together. The holders are designed for different types of candles and different settings, such as for decoration on a fireplace mantel, to illuminate a section of your wall or as a beautiful table centerpiece.

Pillar candleholders hold chunky pillar candles. The slender stem is decoratively carved so your eye is drawn to it straight away. Rest a pillar candle on top of the base or choose a holder that has an insert to hold the candle in place more securely. Opt for fluted detailing, smooth curves or designs that have been intricately turned. Choose a color and finish that suit your decor, including neutral tones with a distressed or sandblasted finish, bright colors with a clear finish or metallic designs with a galvanized finish. Alternatively, a hand-blown glass holder is graceful, while an aluminum holder designed in the shape of an animal is quirky and fun.

Hurricane candles have a mouth-blown glass sleeve that fits around the candles and rests on the base of the holder. The holders can fit a solitary candle or a few, which look beautiful when arranged in different sizes and heights. The glass reflects the flickering light, and this elegant design is particularly stunning when used as a centerpiece.

When your surface space is at a premium or you simply want to illuminate an otherwise dark space in your room, use a wall-mounted candleholder. There’s no end to the artistic choice available to you with this option. Go for a decorative backing, such as a mosaic plate, which shimmers as the votive candle attached to the front is lit. Use an artisanal wall holder to accommodate a hurricane candleholder, a candle wall sconce or a vase containing decorative glass beads and a candle. An aluminum design is ideal for modern decor, while brass suits more traditional surroundings. Use your wall holder design as a piece of art itself. Consider a geometric design that is sculpted with interlocking pieces that each hold a votive candle for dramatic effect.

Instead of wall art, take this idea and use it as an eye-catching sculpture on your living room side table. A wrought-iron design is complemented by small glass votives, and the result is a focal point in your room. Change the traditional use of a terrarium and convert it to a candleholder. The flame flickers across each individual pane of glass. Choose a rounded votive with colored frosted glass. As the candle burns inside, a pretty colored glow is emitted. Another idea is a beaded holder. The wirework frames have an open design to let the light shine through, and the beads have a jeweled effect, glistening in the candlelight. Use a flameless candle with this design and hang them up for maximum effect.

Tapered candles are more traditional in their appeal. Natural colored candles in black powder-coated aluminum holders are striking while a faux brass finish adds a touch of glamour. Use intricately carved silver-plated candlesticks as an elegant addition to your dining table when entertaining guests or serving holiday meals.

Dot ceramic hurricanes around your home to give a special feel to each room. Unlike large glass hurricanes, these holders have individual designs that are often hand-carved and painted. A hurricane carved in the shape of a sea urchin looks great by the bathtub. Put a scented candle inside for a soothing aroma. Spruce up your windowsills and theme each ceramic hurricane design to match the particular room type or its decor. Before you know it, your home is transformed by the clever use of beautiful candleholders.