Decorative Art

What home decor style do you favor? Are you aiming for sleek modernism or a warm, traditional feeling? Is opulence the name of the game, or do you simply want a nice collection of objects to admire on your walls? No matter what your approach is, Pottery Barn has what you’re looking for. Our decorative art is available in a variety of different styles, from warm and friendly slogan plaques to fascinating abstract objects d’art. With a variety of different options in styles ranging from the elegantly rustic to the eye-catchingly unusual, you’ll be able to find the right decorative art item to fill in blank spaces on the walls of any room in your house.


Choosing decorative art for your home should be enjoyable, and our selection helps inject some fun into the process. We have some items, such as three-dimensional letters sold individually from A–Z, that allow you to create your own unique arrangement. Spell out an inspirational word or your family name, or just arrange a few letters with shapes you particularly enjoy. Many of our decorative art objects allow you to curate a cohesive gallery wall in this way by grouping three-dimensional wall sculptures in an arrangement that suits your taste.


If you’re placing some of our decorative art in a room filled with existing decor, you can choose from one of our many subtly designed pieces in a neutral color such as white or metallic. From organic shapes rendered in metal to geometric patterns made of wood, we offer plenty of choices that can help you round out existing decor without interrupting the color scheme or theme you’ve already developed for the room. Though subtly colored, our decorative art objects are far from boring, offering you the chance to introduce some new textures and shapes to enjoy.


We also offer decorative art items that can add a splash of color to any room in your house, from the living room to a bathroom or hallway. These decorative pieces can also serve as the anchor for an entirely new gallery wall arrangement. Whether you display them on their own or grouped with other decorative pieces, you’ll be delighted with your choices. As an added bonus, some of our decorative art objects are functional in addition to being nice to look at, allowing you to cover a TV when it’s not in use or store objects such as wine bottles.


Whether they’re paired with black-and-white photographs or hanging out on your walls solo, our decorative art offerings are a great way to add texture and dimension to your home. From rustic enhancements to glamorous details, these art pieces are all united by our signature sophisticated style. You can simply pick the pieces that work well for your personal decor tastes and have confidence that your selections will make a cultivated statement in your home. With our decorative art, you can send a friendly message to family members in your breakfast nook, put finishing touches on a sparsely decorated bedroom or select a statement piece for your entryway. Follow your whim and see where your creativity goes.


While most of our decorative art pieces are designed to hang on walls, many of these items can also rest on a surface such as an accent table or shelf. You can create some height and texture in decorative vignettes or simply add another lovely thing to admire to your collection of objects d’art. Whether your approach is conventional or eclectic, you’ll find plenty of ways to use our decorative art. If you want to take your home decor to a whole new level of enjoyment, start looking through our decorative art product offerings now.