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How to Accessorize a Room

Adding accessories to a room is what gives it personality. It allows a room to make a statement on its own and to be different from other rooms. Accents can turn ordinary into bedazzled.

Liven Up the Living Room

Place a bookcase against a wall in the living room. The bookcase is ideal for storing and displaying many items. Choose ladder designs or wider cases with cabinets for storing things out of the way. Keep books organized on the shelves with bookends that represent your personality. Scatter some artistic objects on the shelves to showcase coastal coral, bird sculptures and sentimental memorabilia. Bookcases go beyond just storing books when you add a few treasured accents you'd like to display.

Attention to Detail in the Dining Room

Entertaining in the dining room certainly justifies a little extra detail in the decor. A primitive wooden dough bowl in an oblong shape makes a super centerpiece on the dining room table. Fill it will seasonal fruit in assorted colors, monochromatic seashells or dried flowers to fit your motif. Hang an accent mirror above the buffet or console table to reflect the energy in the room. Galvanized tin frames evoke a rustic vibe. Geometric shapes add symmetry and intricate carvings on mirrors create a formal presence. Group several mirrors together of different sizes and shapes to give dimension to the wall. The bigger the wall, the more space you have to play - with mirrors, art pieces, and more.

Bedroom Beauties

Beautify your bedroom with table lamps that rest on your bedside tables. They emit light for nighttime reading or catching up on the computer before bed, and the right lamp will accentuate the decor as well. They go beyond functionality. Ceramic ginger jar lamps are traditional and quite lovely. Select natural wooden lamps that match any color scheme. Alternatively, pick a bright clear glass that can go anywhere. Toss the accent pillows on the bed in colors to coordinate with the rest of the room. Alternatively, use opposing colors for an eclectic aura. Mix and match shapes and patterns to create interest. Plaids and stripes can mingle with solids or embroidered patterns. Pillows always look comfortable against a bedspread or comforter.

Make Your Outdoor Space Beautiful

Having an outdoor covered deck, patio or porch is a terrific way to extend your living area. Place an outdoor rug on the floor to enhance the colors. The extra padding provides comfort for walking, while the rug itself works as an accessory. Rugs create a conversation area when centered in the outdoor room with seating around the perimeter. Patterns and prints in the rug designs make it a valuable decorating tool. It also makes the area feel more like an inside room. Chances are you and your family will spend more and more time outdoors when it feels welcoming. Fill a galvanized trough with faux or live succulents to add a little bit of greenery to the outdoor living space. The galvanized tin is appropriate for the outdoors and the plants blend into the natural backdrop of your yard. Live succulents are easy to grow. However, if you want no maintenance at all, use faux varieties. Hang string lights overhead on the porch railing or on a wall for a festive flair. Hearts, stars and spheres add a little light and a lot of ambience. These lights are proof that a little goes a long way, and you'll appreciate the improved visibility when you are entertaining friends and neighbors.