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Fireplace Screens

Fireplace Tools

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Enhance Your Home With Fireplace Accessories

The fireplace serves as the focal point of your room, especially when the fire is roaring. Let this attractive feature of your living space be even more functional by fashioning it with the right accessories. These accessories, which include fireplace screens, fireplace covers and fireplace tools, allow you to enjoy the warmth of a wood-burning fire in your home. Pottery Barn offers a collection of accessories ideal for your space. Learn more about these important accessories, their features and why you should add them to your home.

Fireplace Accessories Basics

These accessories from Pottery Barn provide both function and style. Fireplace screens deliver several functional uses. Foremost, fireplace screens stop ash and embers from falling out of the fireplace into your room. Similarly, these screens ensure that any shifting logs do not fall out of the fireplace. As a result, these screens create a cleaner fireplace in your home, which ensures that this focal point always looks its best. When shopping for fireplace accessories at Pottery Barn, consider the following key features to find the right item for your home.

Number of Screens

When you're shopping for accessories, a simple way to narrow down your choices is to consider how many screens you prefer. You can find single, double or triple fireplace screens for your home. A single screen features one mesh screen surrounded by a sturdy metal frame. A double screen includes dual mesh panels, each accented by durable metal frames. Triple screens feature three panels that fold, which make these screens easy to move and to store. All three designs are supremely functional, so choosing how many panels you want depends on your personal preference as well as the size of your fireplace.

Design Features

While fireplace screens are designed for functionality, they also serve as decorative pieces in your home. Another way to compare these accessories is to consider the different designs to suit your space. For example, you can find sleek fireplace screens with clean lines and a simple structure that adds modern style to your space. A screen with a lattice design adds further intrigue to your fireplace. Decorative metal scrollwork enhances other accessories in this collection. Interlocking metal curves lend modern style to other designs. Select a look that complements your home decor.

Fireplace screens boast other decorative features, including exposed decorative rivets and cast finials. Each of these accessories is crafted of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel and iron. These accessories come in a variety of finishes, which allow you to find one that complements your home. Finishes include classic black, polished nickel, vintage iron, antique gold and burnished bronze. When you're selecting a finish, consider other finishes incorporated in your space, including hardware on furniture pieces like console tables  or end tables. Selecting fireplace accessories with a coordinating finish creates a seamless look throughout your room.


Another important feature of fireplace screens is their accessibility. While these screens are designed to create a barrier between the fire and the rest of your room, you also want to be able to access the fire, whether you need to stoke the flame, add a log or extinguish the fire before bed. These fireplace screens are equipped with doors that make it simple to access the fire. Built-in handles allow you to open the doors with ease.

When the fire is roaring, you can rely on a secure latch to ensure that the screen doors stay closed. Another helpful feature available with many screens is adjustable legs. If you have an uneven hearth, the adjustable legs allow you to keep the screen stable despite the uneven footing. Stone hearths, for example, will benefit from this important feature.

Other Accessories

Caring for your wood-burning fireplace requires the right tools. Pottery Barn's collection of accessories also includes toolsets that include everything you need to create roaring fires at home. These toolsets, some of which are designed to coordinate with fireplace screens, include tongs, a broom, shovel and poker. Additionally, a log holder offers a spot to keep your firewood within reach.

When you're relaxing on the sofa enjoying your fire, you want a nice view. Fireplace accessories from Pottery Barn allow you to enjoy a wood-burning fire while protecting your home and keeping your space clean. Before the next chilly night, invest in fireplace tools so that you're ready to create a warm and cozy space for your family.