Chic Alternatives to Fireplace Mantels for Any Home

Fireplace mantels hold a special place in most homes. Usually a stretch of surface space over a fire, today's mantels are about displaying cherished decor as much as simply capping off another element in your home. Even if you like a minimalist look, you can still find ways to create an expanse devoted to mementos and treasured moments.

Traditional Mantel Displays

This welcoming shelf is where you place everything from family photos to botanical decorations to Christmas stockings. It's a great area for seasonal transformation or statement decor.

  • Usually, the mantel crowns your fireplace's lintel or frame and is built into the wall around the firebox, even though it sticks out like a shelf.
  • Now, homes often include electric fireplaces that insert flush into a wall or skip the fireplace altogether in favor of less in-home maintenance and more wall space for furnishings and art.

Whichever option your home has, you can still make the most of modern decorating approaches. Designate a focal point in a gathering or entertaining space and discover how a genuine or faux mantelpiece can enhance your home.

Create Decorative Space with Wood Mantels

New trends in fireplace mantles give you a generous amount of room to create depth and dimension or curate a gorgeous display of art, pictures, objects and more.

  • If you have a traditional fireplace with its own mantel, keep it intact with your fireplace and use the space for what you think looks best.
  • Embellish above the existing mantel with wood mantels that span the length of the fireplace and offer an unexpected stacked look.
  • To update your living room even more, upgrade your fireplace mantel to match your faux wood mantel.

This stylish take on the traditional chimneypiece looks like you brought in an interior decorator for inspiration. Plus, you get double the space for seasonal or personal displays.

Multi-Purposing Wood Shelves

If you don't have a fireplace or at least one with a mantel, create the same look with wood shelves. You can replace fireplace mantels with selections like picture rails or floating display shelves.

  • Floating shelves mimic the look of a genuine mantel by mounting directly into your wall. The absence of brackets gives the shelves the same clean lines as any mantel.
  • To keep this decorative alternative on-trend, dress it as you would a mantelpiece with a runner, botanical garlands or family mementoes.
  • Go avant-garde by staggering shelves. Run them for the same length of a fireplace to recall the design proportions of a cozy gathering spot.

Look to beautiful wooden alternatives to the classic fireplace mantelpieces for a sophisticated style in your living room today.