Fireplace Mantels

Pull all eyes to your fireplace with a distinctive mantel above it. Fireplace mantels elevate your fireplace so it becomes the focal point of your living area. Once in place, you can decorate this horizontal space with stunning memorabilia and imaginative objects, adding your unique personality to the room. Whether you are building a traditional or modern fireplace, at Pottery Barn we have a mantel that will fit your style.

Imagine the finished effect when you add a collection of personal family photos to fireplace mantels. By choosing distinctive picture frames for your photos, you set them apart and bring the pictures to life. Choose frames with multiple openings to display a collection of photos. You can also opt for beautiful single-opening frames in white, wood, silver plating or mother-of-pearl. A wall-mounted keepsake frame is an ideal way to display mementos that are close to your heart.

Vases and fireplace mantels go together with natural style. It’s easy to anchor the mantel with an oversized vase in an unusual shape or color. From here, you can add to the remaining space with other decorative pieces. Adding a few sprigs of greenery to a tall vase is a winning way to create a stunning mantel to frame your fireplace.

What could be more charming than adding a line of string lights and lit decor to fireplace mantels? Your options for lighting up your mantel are plentiful. LED string lights could add a festive air to your mantel during the holidays. Charming bulbs would add subtle lighting during any season of the year.

Another popular addition to fireplace mantels, candles are always in style. Choose from either traditional flame candles or innovative flameless pillar candles that twinkle realistically. Some flameless candles even have a remote control so you can control them from the comfort of your favorite chair while snuggling by the fire.

Don’t overlook the decorating power of candleholders, either. A grouping of candlesticks or carved pillar holders on one end of the mantel is simply stunning. Continuing the subtlety of the flames up to fireplace mantels is an impressive decorating touch. The candleholders we have are available in many different styles to fit your personal room decor. Whether you are decorating in a traditional or eclectic style, fireplace mantels are a natural expression of your room’s overall feel. Use this space to showcase your style and make a grand statement with decorative objects that are an extension of you.