Outfit Your Living Room, Den or Bedroom with a Firewood Rack from Pottery Barn

Nothing beats sitting by the fire on a cool winter night with your friends and family. Of course, if you've got a classic wood burning fireplace, you're going to need to keep plenty of your preferred firewood handy. While we can't help you with the wood, we can make organizing your favorite firewood easy with a specially designed rack.

Keep reading to learn more about fireplace racks and log holders at Pottery Barn.

Why Buy a Firewood Rack?

A wood burning fire is truly one of the great joys of staying in on a crisp evening. No matter where your fireplace is, keeping it tidy and organized is paramount to your overall enjoyment. Here are a few reasons you should shop for a handy wood rack today:

  • A firewood holder will help you keep the right amount of wood on hand. Start a fire with ease and grab a new log whenever you need to stoke the fire.
  • Racks help you store wood indoors where it won't get wet or dirty. Keep what you need on hand for any given night or a whole week with small and large fireplace racks from Pottery Barn.
  • Fireplace racks give your living room, family room, den or bedroom a touch of classic style. Look for classic iron racks, rustic wooden looks, modern steel and more to match your decor.

Firewood Rack Styles

Weather the storm with a cozy fire by keeping plenty of firewood at the ready. Here are a few rack styles that'll work in any room where you have a fireplace:

  • Small firewood racks. Got a small space with a fireplace? You don't need a big wood rack to keep plenty of timber ready for action. Look for small racks that'll help you store just enough wood for the night. That way you won't take up all of your available floor space with firewood. You can also find racks that are taller than they are wide, allowing you to store more wood in a vertical fashion.
  • Large firewood racks. Available in rustic, modern and more traditional designs, large firewood racks let you keep ample wood for a long day or even a week on hand. They also add a bit of old-world charm to your interior design even if you've got an ultra-contemporary space.
  • Rack and accessory sets. Offering a firewood storage rack, poker, tongs, broom and shovel, rack and accessory kits give you everything you need to outfit your fireplace right.

Make use of your fireplace this year by stocking up on essentials like firewood holders. They'll bring essential decor to your room and help you stay cozy all year long.