Fireplace Screens Are The New Living Room Statement Piece

Warm up your home with an accessory that needs no season. Fireplace screens are trending right now as a new way to bring artistry to your hearth and home. While you may use your fireplace entirely in the colder months, the screen can stay up all the time. Show off your sense of style with fireplace covers featuring signature designs and gorgeous craftsmanship.

Start Off Right: Single or Triple Screen?

The most immediate concern when selecting fireplace doors is size. Take a moment to measure your fireplace width and be sure the screen you choose will cover your hearth thoroughly.

  • If you have a small fireplace, you can choose a single-screen fireplace cover. These screens consist of a flat metal structure that doesn't curve or hinge.
  • If you have a wider fireplace or prefer to have your screen wrap around the entire hearth, choose a three-panel screen. This screen has hinges on the side of the front panel for side panels to attach and swing to whatever angle you need for your fire.
  • A single-panel may have feet, set perpendicular to the screen, to help balance the whole thing. A triple screen usually stays standing because you place the sides at an angle that distributes the weight evenly.

From a design perspective, look for the screen that best complements the proportions of your mantel. If you still love one that's a little large for you, decorate outwards at the edges of the fireplace to help create a longer horizontal line. 

Select A Design for Your Fireplace Covers

The design you select for your fireplace covers should correspond with the mood in the rest of the room. That being said, feel free to try a pattern that might be a little bolder than usual. An accent piece like this is the best place to take design risks and integrate them into your overall look.

Build Out Your Fireplace Tools

While shopping for your fireplace screens, don't forget to consider other fireplace tools you need. Many people like to match their elements exactly when a full set is available. If your favorite screen doesn't have an exact match, look for similar details, like finials, turned handles or geometric patterns.

The harmony of your fireplace accessories creates an even greater invitation to enjoy the warmth and flickering of a fire. Discover how your home changes when you outfit your fireplace with an amazing new screen.