Fireplace Tools to Enhance Your Space

Create a warm, cozy atmosphere around your hearth with the right fireplace tools and fireplace accessories. You'll be able to add style and function if you choose wisely - and picking a complete set that matches your decor and style is a wonderful way to highlight your fireplace as the centerpiece of your room.

Basic Fireplace Tools

Every wood-burning fireplace needs four basic tools and a stand to hold each:

  • Fireplace tongs
  • Poker
  • Fireplace shovel
  • Fireplace brush or broom

Choosing a fireplace tool set means you have everything you need, and while the iron is by far the best material for each of your tools, you can find stands and matching components in a wide range of styles to suit any decor. Pick a set that matches your bedroom set, TV stand or console, or other furnishings near the fireplace to create a pulled-together look.

Fireplace Tongs

Fireplace tongs let you handle the logs or the andiron - the built-in horizontal bar or rack that holds the logs in place and promotes air flow - safely. Tongs enable you to pick up and move logs to increase air flow and prevent compacting, which leads to more smoldering ash and less crackling flame.


Typically made from iron, a fireplace poker (sometimes called a stoker) is equipped with a hook and a pointed end that lets you push, pull or rake burning logs in your fireplace. An insulated handle is a must to avoid injury.

Fireplace Shovels

Fireplace shovels or spades let you tend your fire when it's going out. Use it to shovel burning embers and small remnants of logs to keep the fire going or to pick up ash and douse the flames when you're finished.

Fireplace Brushes and Brooms

Leaving ash in your fireplace is a good idea during fire season because it helps you build and maintain future fires - but you only want to leave a one-inch layer. Outside fire season, though, you need to remove as much ash as possible; ash is acidic, and if it's combined with moisture, it can damage the metal and masonry in your fireplace over time. Use your fireplace brush to sweep away excess ash before thoroughly cleaning the hearth.

Optionally, you can choose a log holder and a bellows - two additional tools that make building and maintaining your fire easier. The log holder ensures your combustibles are within easy reach, while the bellows work to increase oxygen flow in pinpointed areas. Even better, you can choose a log holder that doubles as a stand for all your essential fireplace accessories.

How to Choose the Right Fireplace Tools

Choosing the right fireplace tools depends on how frequently you'll use them, the size of your fireplace and your room's design. Larger fireplaces need longer tools, but you can make a style statement and choose a fireplace tool set that features longer-than-necessary pieces. Fireplace tool sets are available in several styles, including modern, minimalist and classic. As long as yours includes the necessities - the tongs, poker, shovel and brush - you'll be able to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space.