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Those fortunate enough to have a fireplace adore it for many reasons. There’s little that can match the feeling of curling up with someone you love during the winter months and sharing a mug of hot cocoa, or telling the children stories before their bedtime in front of the fire. Come holiday time, the fireplace can become a host to quite a few decorations, from gorgeous mantelpieces to stockings “hung by the chimney with care.” When your fireplace is in use, and even when it’s not, having the right fireplace screens and accessories help keep this space safe. A fireplace screen has many uses. It can keep unwanted embers from finding their way into your home, it blocks off the space to ward away toddlers and pets, and it also serves as a decorative piece to a well-kept fireplace. At Pottery Barn, we offer a myriad of different fireplace screens and accessories you can use all year long.

Should your fireplace only be decorative, or you want an elegant way to cheer up the space during the summer months, consider fireplace candleholders. This decorative type of set sits directly in front of your fireplace, allowing you to place beautiful pillar candles. Use flameless or real candles in the holders, which can display an array of several candles for a warm touch.

If you are solely in search of a screen, there are several different types available to suit different needs. A folding triple screen folds into three pieces and stands neatly in front of your fireplace. Straightforward and simple, this kind of design blends in well and complements any existing decor. Another simple yet elegant choice is a screen that opens wide and has two doors. This allows you to close one side and leave another side open, if that is your preference. A single screen covers the whole front of the fireplace.

Made in simple and industrial types, the industrial types are heavier and stronger and serve as a solid barrier to help keep pets and children away from the flames. Industrial screens are also available in a two-door style. A lattice-style triple or single screen is a classic look for any fireplace or a screen that resembles wrought-iron. You may also find that you need a new set of tools to accompany your fireplace. Some tools come complete with a screen while others are sold separately. Opt for an entire set to match and complement each other as well as the room.