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Floor Mirrors

Mirrors are spectacular. They fill a room with tons of light, which makes it feel energetic and relaxing. There are many different mirror sizes and styles, all with specific advantages. You’re not limited to only using one type in your home’s design layout. Feel free to combine circular, rectangular and square mirrors – just to name a few options – around the space for an exquisitely layered look. At Pottery Barn, we want to give you a hand in turning your creative vision, and your dream home, into a reality.

We love floor mirrors for a couple of reasons. First, they’re practical. They give you the best view of your whole outfit. That lets you play around with color combinations, select a dynamite pair of shoes and even twirl around to see the way a dress moves. It’s no surprise that floor mirrors are a bedroom favorite. Where can you place them? From a purely functional point of view, anywhere that you have enough room to move around freely is ideal for getting dressed. The area near your dresser or vanity is one possibility. The far wall of a walk-in closet also works beautifully. Plus, having a full-length mirror in your walk-in closet makes it feel much more spacious.

Floor mirrors have that same effect – increasing the sensation of space – in any room of the house. The first thing that might come to mind is using large mirrors in smaller apartments or rooms that are a little too cozy for comfort. It’s a terrific idea because it’s like doubling the amount of space you have to work with, at least visually. A large mirror next to a sofa makes the whole room feel wider, laid back and inviting.

That doesn’t mean that intimate locations are the only spots where floor mirrors look amazing, though. Besides adding the illusion of extra space, mirrors create attention-getting reflections. The result is a palette that constantly shifts depending on the angle you’re viewing it from. Large mirrors can become the focal point of the entire room, especially if the border has intricate artistic details. Smaller mirrors instead amplify the effect of the accent wall. If you have a breathtaking coffee table vignette, for example, a floor mirror at the end of the sofa or sectional gives everyone a superb view of the colorful plants, vases or picture frames.

Hallways and entryways are amazing places for a floor mirror. It makes them feel open and is usually the first thing visitors see too. Imagine looking down a hallway with fine art hanging from the sides. In the mirror, you get a clear reflection of all that art, giving the space a major sense of style.

In the bedroom, it’s OK to use full-length mirrors as decor in addition to practical pieces. Placing mirrors behind your bedside tables lends a luxurious resort feel to the room. It fills the space with a romantic glow, especially if your accent tables have soft candles or elegant lamps on them. If you want to focus more on a bright ambience in the morning, place a potted tree or a tall flower beside your bed with a floor mirror in the corner.

If you are looking for something with vintage flair, a cheval mirror – one that’s suspended in the air on legs – makes you feel like your bedroom or studio is located in the heart of Paris. An intricate metallic frame adds tons of chic. Hang a crystal chandelier overhead for maximum effect.

Experimenting with different kinds of floor mirrors throughout the home can be a lot of fun and very beautiful. A large mirror with a thick wood frame is richly expressive and exotic. Ultrathin mirrors have an amazing profile that fits in masterfully with the artistic design style, such as minimalist layouts. You can even layer several mirrors in front of each other – perhaps with plants or a floor lamp in front – to add a strong modern vibe.