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Decorative and Functional Floor Mirrors for Your Home

Floor mirrors are an important decorative element that can be used throughout the home in bedrooms, living rooms and many other living spaces. With their incredible reflective properties, these large mirrors will not only add light to any room but also create the illusion of a much bigger space. Aside from their decorative features, mirrors are also a functional tool for checking reflections. There are four main types of floor mirrors to choose from.

1. Basic Floor Mirrors

Basic floor length mirrors are generally between five and eight feet in length and come with thin unicolor frames that allow them to blend in with any room style. The most common simple frame choices are made of metal and come in either silver or black. Adding a simple floor mirror to any room is an easy way to open up the space.

Once hung on the wall, these long mirrors make your ceilings seem higher and the room more spacious. Though usually hung vertically, some of these basic mirrors come with mounting equipment to allow them to hang horizontally. A horizontally hung mirror looks great above the sofa, above a bathroom vanity, above the bed or on the wall in a narrow hallway. They can also be hung across from the dining room table in a fancy dining space.

2. Decorative Full Length Mirrors

Simple frames may be pretty and versatile, but there are also other options that will add more decorative flair to your living spaces. The frames on these mirrors are generally much thicker and contain eye-catching details to enhance modern or traditional-style rooms.

  • Some mirror frames are especially ornate and come with intricate bevels and carvings that instantly draw the eye. Ornate mirrors for traditional spaces come with carved wooden moldings that create a glamorous vintage feel for bedrooms or other living spaces. Ornate mirrors for modern spaces are built with shiny metal tiles stamped with pretty designs.
  • While most mirror frames are crafted with basic wood or metal, there are a few that use unique materials like bamboo. Bamboo mirrors frames are a fun and casual decorative choice for your home. Pair these mirrors with large leafy plants to complete the tropical, beachy vibe.
  • Though most are rectangular, there are also some arched mirrors from which to choose. These gorgeous mirrors come complete with inlaid wooden pieces that mimic the look of a window. Consider hanging these mirrors across from a real window to create a visually interesting symmetry. These mirrors can also be useful as a visual trick in rooms with small windows.

3. Oversized Floor Mirrors

Add drama to any room with an oversized floor mirror. These mirrors are generally the same length as basic mirrors but are about one and a half times wider. These oversized mirrors instantly open up any room and make it feel twice as large. Because they're so wide, eye-catching oversized mirrors make a statement as the room's main decorative focal point.

4. Full Length Mirrors with Stands

A full length mirror with a stand is the ultimate bedroom accessory. Unlike other mirrors, which are stationary once hung in place, these mirrors can be easily picked up and moved to a new location at will. Because these standing mirrors are full length, they're the perfect companion for getting ready in the mornings. Most bathroom vanity mirrors are positioned above the sink in such a way that you can only see your face and torso. Using full mirrors, you'll be able to see your entire outfit at once, giving you the chance to coordinate your look from head to toe.

These light and portable mirrors can also be moved for cleaning or redecorating. You can even move them closer to the window for better natural light as you get ready, then tuck them away into a storage corner after you've finished. This flexibility is especially useful in small bedrooms with space constraints.

With many frame styles to choose from, floor mirrors are a lovely addition to bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and more. Whether you prefer the simple silhouette of a basic mirror frame or the decorative flair of an ornate frame, these large mirrors are sure to make any space feel more open and inviting. Hang these mirrors horizontally or vertically on the wall to create a lovely focal point in the room, or choose a mirror with a stand for extra decorative versatility.