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  • Jenn Meyers


    Striving for images that evoke memories of favorite times, photographer Alicia Bock uses her vintage Polaroid cameras to create lovely and lighthearted photographs. Inspired by the natural palette of the sun, water and sky, she uses her sensitive approach to present beauty in beloved places near and far.

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Alicia Bock

Alicia Bock photographs memories from the outdoors. The sun, sky, water and botanicals are some of the muses that inspire her. Put some of the artwork we have available at Pottery Barn by her in your home, and you’ll be able to build a motif from there. A close-up of a palm frond or a blooming dahlia sets the stage. Subtle colors with natural Earth tones make the prints ideal for any color scheme.

Accessorize your home with natural wreaths, faux trees or garlands to keep the outdoorsy, natural theme going. Garlands complement doorways and exude a carefree attitude. Wreaths look good as a focal point on a wall or as a welcoming sign on a front door. Faux trees fit nicely in any room to fill an empty area that needs some height. Choose from flowering varieties or evergreens.

Fill vases or decorative olive buckets with fresh or dried flowers, dried pussy willow or faux greenery to keep the decor looking natural and inviting. A pair of vases looks fabulous on a fireplace mantel. A vase filled with dried corkscrew willow can become an artistic centerpiece on a table or shelf. Put a pot of easy to grow succulents anywhere to give a little life to the room without a lot of maintenance.

Use rugs like natural-looking sisals or colorful patterns that blend naturally with nature to draw some attraction to the floors in your home. Blues, browns, greens and yellows are a few of the colors you’ll see outdoors like when hiking on trails or camping in the woods. Natural fiber rugs mix well with any decor or choose a bold pattern that reflects winter sunsets of pastels or a summer sunrise with golden hues. Rugs are a decorative accessory that can be changed out when needed. Not only do they accessorize but they also make a soft cushion for walking, standing or sitting. Paisley prints in Earth tones pair well with most any decor and add a little character too.

Throw pillows are super simple to add some pop to the room. Embroidered designs with embossed leaves or flowers accentuate the natural tones. Sequined shells, embroidered lighthouses or coral appliqued pillows give a beachy, laid-back vibe and look quite elegant. Pair some solid-colored pillows with them to add some dimension. Floral patterns come in several colors to fit any motif. Monogrammed pillows are classy and, when paired with natural hues, they look fabulous in an eclectic way. Place pillows on sofas or chairs by the fireplace for comfortable seating.