Framed New York Times Art

Art evokes emotional responses more than any other decor. Surrounding yourself with art that’s meaningful to you transforms your home into a sanctuary, making it the ideal place to come home to after the end of a long day. Historical art blends beauty and history to create one-of-a-kind images that captivate viewers. Some of the most impactful images have come from the pages of the New York Times. These classic photographs are both beautiful and capture a glimpse of a critical moment in history. You can bring this history into your home with exclusive New York Times prints from Pottery Barn.

The New York Times has been documenting the news in both words and pictures for more than 160 years. Founded in 1851, the publication has won more than 120 Pulitzer Prizes, including many for photography. This is more than any publication. This daily newspaper is an American icon that millions of people turn to for their everyday news. For more than a century, this legendary newspaper has published some of the most famous images, capturing history’s most important moments.

You and your family are certain to love these images for many years to come. The New York Times photographs we offer are framed in a ramin wood in your choice of black or espresso finish. They're matted in archival-quality, acid-free beveled cut mats. The photographs are printed on 260-gram satin finish paper. Each frame is backed with braided wiring for easy mounting.

Whether you fill your home with New York Times artwork or combine these images with other photography, these pieces are sure to be a stunning addition to your home’s interior. Both the color and black and white images offer a classic look that’s sure to complement your home decor.

Showcase photographs featuring scenes from the old west in a lodge or den for a rustic feel. Alternatively, sports photos make a stunning addition to a game room or bar. Scenic photography featuring beaches, water, sailboats or iconic bridges add a classic touch to any living room or bedroom. These classic images are also the ideal addition to any office. Displaying a black and white framed photograph of a piece of architecture above your desk adds an elegant touch and gives you something beautiful to look at all day long.

If you are looking to make a great first impression, these photographs also offer a stunning look to your entryway. Hanging a framed photograph above a console table at the entrance of your home offers both beauty and a place to set your keys after a busy day. A wall that’s adorned with framed photography, prints and canvas creates a dramatic look that’s sure to be a conversation starter. To draw attention to an individual photograph, consider highlighting it under specialized lighting, such as a sconce or custom lighting. The light shined on the image is certain to be conversation pieces when guests visit.

While large photographs are generally hung on a wall, this is optional. Setting your photograph on a console against the wall creates a modern look that draws attention to the space. Mixing the photography with accessories, such as candles, wall sconces and vases of fresh flowers, add a liveliness to the area. Another way to create a dramatic look is to hang three similar photographs next to each other on a focal wall. The similarity of the photographs provides consistency while the different images add visual interest to the space.

Do you love all things historical? Consider pairing these iconic pictures with history books. This is an ideal addition to a library, study or den. Hanging a historical photograph close to an armchair and placing some history books on a nearby table by makes a cozy reading area where you can relish in historical moments.