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Jesse Leake

When it comes to music, art and even cuisine, each artist has a personal distinctive style and way of looking at the world. Some of those creations appeal to you a little bit, but others move you deeply. They get you excited. When looking for distinctive pieces of decor to put the finishing touches on your interior design masterpiece, no one can tell you what looks best. The perfect piece is whatever you envision it to be. You see art differently from someone else, giving it a unique context within your home and telling your own story. At Pottery Barn, it makes us happy when you’re passionate about decorating. We collaborate with many different artists to bring you collections that say something. Our Jesse Leake photographs are powerful pieces that you can interpret in many different ways. What kind of themes does his work focus on?

Our Jesse Leake Collection ties together elements of world travel and everyday situations. It highlights the journey of a photographer along the back roads and beaches of exotic locales as far flung as Myanmar, Cuba, India and Vietnam – even the Sahara Desert. You get the sensation of carrying your camera by your side as you explore, taking a moment to capture scenes that are visually intriguing. Jesse Leake photographs look at both ordinary and extraordinary backdrops from a different angle.

What design themes does our Jesse Leake set complement? It’s extremely versatile. Part of that has to do with the photographer’s varying style. Each location is its own world. To highlight what makes these iconic places stand out, Jesse Leake focuses on emotion more than a signature photography technique. Some backdrops are breathtaking in black and white, where the camera captures every grain of sand on a shifting dune. In others, interesting color contrasts are everything. Even motion plays a part in bringing the scenes to life. Bottom line, these photographs give you an enormous palette of possibilities when decorating.

So how can you find the piece you’re looking for? There are two main ways to discover that precious gem that completes your personal collection. One is to start with a decorating theme. It might be related to Middle Eastern accents, a vintage look or even specific colors. Look for art that brings that focus to life.

Another way to come across something you love is just to check out different pieces and trust your instincts. You know what you like, so when you stumble across a brilliant photograph that jives with your style, go for it. You don’t even have to explain it, you just know it’s awesome. The best part is that many interior designers say that artwork doesn’t need to match any other decor in a room. It’s a way for you express yourself, so it can go anywhere you want to show it off.