Galvanized Systems

Staying organized is a big help. It cuts down on the amount of cleaning needed, saves you lots of time and helps the whole family to coordinate efforts for success. One of the most important benefits is a happy outlook throughout the day since everything you accomplished leaves you feeling free. To maintain a positive attitude, it’s good to handle organization tasks on your terms. You know what to take care of, in what order and when it’s time for a little break. At Pottery Barn, we provide organization systems that adapt to your personal needs and especially to fit your sense of style. Our galvanized systems are a superb example.

The significant thing to know about galvanized systems is that galvanization makes them ideal for someone who loves country accents. Whether you live in a farmhouse surrounded by lush pasture land and expansive blue skies or just love that sensation of open-air natural beauty in your home, galvanized decor fits like a work glove. It’s a little bit rustic, very warm and filled with the love of family and friends. Picture frames with humorous moments spent together are another wonderful farmhouse-inspired accent.

Galvanized pieces also fit industrial styles. Brick, metal, reclaimed wood and concrete look a little more vintage with a galvanized bucket filled with a large potted plant. Galvanized containers also make excellent spots to hold paintbrushes and other art supplies if you like to create your own artwork.

There’s a definite seasonal ambience in rooms with galvanized systems. You can almost smell the flowers blooming in springtime or the scent of rain during summer. When fall rolls around, that countryside ambience means enjoying the aroma of burning wood as you cozy up around the fireplace with a toasty blanket.

How do our galvanized systems make your day simpler? For one thing, they give you a place to keep important task-related items nearby and easy to locate. What those items are depends on the job at hand and where you hang your daily system. In a laundry room, for example, a galvanized system can hold ironing equipment, hangers, detergent and other essentials. A calendar lets everyone in the family see whose turn it is to wash clothes or what activities you have planned for the day.

In an office, your galvanized system keeps track of important dates, appointments with your child’s teachers or a romantic getaway with your special someone. It also has room to store correspondence in and out. That way you know about any bills and know exactly when you want to send out packages as well. A magnetic clipboard has many uses, depending on your lifestyle. If you work from home, it’s a terrific spot for pending orders you need to send out. Clips also hold fun things that put a smile on your face and inspire you, from colorful artwork by your kids to a favorite meme you printed out online.

An open wall between kitchen and living room is an ideal spot to place a calendar or chalkboard in plain view for the whole family. That way, you can write encouraging messages for your kids and receive expressions of love from people you care about. You can also make note of anything the whole family needs to remember, such as individual tasks for spring cleaning to homework reminders. It’s also a way to hint at important dates like your anniversary or an upcoming vacation.

If you love gardening, galvanized systems are a major treat for your garage or shed. For one thing, galvanized metal and plants were practically made for each other. Greenery and flowers look amazing with feathered gray decor. Shelves give you a place for rows of potted seedlings and fresh herbs. Hooks underneath can hold everything from an apron and soft gloves to trowels and hand forks. A chalkboard or whiteboard lets you record information, such as growing times or recent temperatures, as well as inspirational messages to motivate you.