Jewelry Display Stands

Few things equate distinctive style like exquisite jewelry display stands. At Pottery Barn, we understand that you value your jewelry and need to keep it safe. With these display stands, your items are not only safe, but they are also beautifully organized so you can find every piece easily when you want to wear them. Imagine showcasing your favorite earrings and necklaces on your dresser with a display stand. You could also utilize vertical surfaces with a wall-mounted or over-the-door jewelry hanger made of wood and metal.

Continue your jewelry organization with distinctive jewelry boxes. Designed to stow all of your most treasured pieces safely, jewelry boxes are an ideal accessory to go along with jewelry display stands. You can use the display stands to hold your most-worn favorites while tucking away other pieces in a jewelry box for safe keeping. Trinket boxes, display trays and jewelry boxes with drawers make it easy to keep an organized dresser.

Perhaps ledges and shelves would be the ideal spot for your jewelry display stands. Free up space on your dresser for other decorative objects by installing a storage or mirror shelf in the bedroom. Floating shelves have a clean look, and they have ample horizontal space for holding all of your most precious jewelry.

Don’t forget to add one or more accent mirrors to the bedroom as well. Not only are our mirrors distinctively decorative, but they also make it easy to check out your reflection as you begin the day. Coordinate the mirror with the jewelry display stands to create a cohesive style in your bedroom decor.

Vases filled with fresh or silk flowers are always a beautiful touch on a dresser. Pairing a glass vase with glass or vintage jewelry display stands creates a stunning dresser ensemble. The clean lines and simple beauty of these pieces ensure a delightful finished effect. The brilliance of your jewelry pieces hanging from the display stands adds even more grace and charm to your dresser.

Your jewelry represents a sizable investment, so make sure you store it carefully in distinctive jewelry display stands. With extensive options for compartments, drawers and hooks, each precious jewelry piece will have a home in your bedroom, enabling you to wear them as often as you wish. Combining mirrored surfaces just adds to the brilliance and the function of these stands so they’re sure to become treasured pieces in their own right.