Laundry Accessories

Clean clothing has a significant effect on your day. At work, showing up spotless often gets you even more respect from your boss and colleagues. When meeting someone for the first time, your winning appearance makes a terrific impression before you even have a chance to speak. Few things are as relaxing and soothing as a fresh towel against your skin. At Pottery Barn, we know you appreciate cleanliness. We know you also have other important things to do, such as spend time with your kids or have fun with friends. Our high-quality and practical laundry accessories make things easy and quick so you can always tackle laundry day with a big smile on your face.

One thing that cuts down on laundry time is when dirty clothes are already gathered and ready to go. With a hamper, every member of the family contributes to picking up their own laundry. An open hamper lets you and your family toss dirty clothes inside after work or school. In moments, you’re on your way to your next activity.

Divider hampers are similar pieces with a small twist. They use two or three baskets together so you can separate clothes items automatically as you go. This is a big help if you want to keep whites and colors apart right away. Lingerie and other delicates also have their own space.

Why do some people use hampers with a liner? Although it’s a completely personal preference, hampers with liners give you an extra hand on laundry day. Instead of emptying clothes into a separate laundry basket, all you need to do is pull out the liner – dirty laundry and all – and carry it straight to your laundry room. Some liners even have drawstrings to make carrying even easier.

Our laundry accessories aren’t only about functionality, however. They also place emphasis on chic as well. That’s because we want them to fit the rest of your bedroom or bathroom decor. Woven baskets add their own warm and intimate touch to the room. They’re bright, positive and happy. With many different color options – from white to dark espresso – it’s not hard to find something that blends beautifully with the room. Woven hampers look beautiful in any corner, or you can keep them inside your closet for extra privacy.

Woven baskets are for more than just dirty laundry. They’re also suitable for storing fresh linens and towels with style. In the bathroom, woven pieces with folded or rolled towels provide exceptional elegance and luxury. A large round hamper in a guest bathroom is helpful and beautiful, especially when filled with an assortment of bath towels, hand towels and face cloths.

In your laundry room, woven baskets are a big help in keeping things organized. Laundry detergent, stain removers and any brushes you like to use can all remain together for easy access. Spray bottles with water or a detergent solution are best kept upright, so baskets help there as well. If you prefer separating clothing items in the laundry room – especially if you have a big family – several baskets make the task much easier. One big plus is most baskets are designed to stack neatly when not in use. In large families, a wheeled hamper is ideal. It’s easy to zip around between rooms picking up any remnant clothes on the floor. Because it has a couple of different liners, you can sort away at the same time.

A laundry system is highly recommended for saving even more time throughout the week. A laundry system consists of a number of shelves, ironing equipment, baskets and drying racks, as well as organization tools like a magnetic laundry calendar. That way you’re totally equipped for anything that comes your way, from items that require hand-washing to shirts or skirts that you like to iron. Hooks help you place clothing on hangers right out of the dryer, which often saves you a couple of steps.