New York Systems

Opening your closet and seeing everything neatly organized is a big relief. It makes you feel happy and stress-free. However, that’s not the only benefit of tidy shelves. With an organized closet, getting ready is a snap. Not only does it take less time, but you also have more creative freedom when choosing your outfit since everything is in plain view. Because getting ready doesn’t take long, you have a few extra minutes to sleep in. Bottom line: a clean closet equals a positive attitude. At Pottery Barn, we like to multitask. Our closet organization systems – such as our New York systems – are both functional and fashionable. They make it easier to organize, but also add major decor items to your bedroom. Check out a few helpful suggestions.

Since every closet is different – and your lifestyle too – no one can tell you the best way to organize your clothes. Our New York systems are designed to conform to your needs, and not the other way around. Their purpose is to work alongside you to keep your clothes looking amazing and easy to get to. They work equally well no matter the amount of space you have: traditional reach-in closets, medium walk-in closets and enormous room-sized closets all benefit. Feel free to create the custom closet of your dreams.

There are a few basic categories of decor that work wonders in virtually any closet, such as shelves, rods and hooks. There are several ways you can use them. Shelves offer tons of storage space and are very versatile. One option is to place folded clothing like jeans, sweaters or shirts neatly stacked and ready to go. This is ideal for clothes that you use when you want to feel comfortable. You don’t even have to think, just grab something off the top and put it on.

Another idea is to prepare outfits ahead of time – perhaps the night before – complete with pants or skirt, a shirt, shoes and other accessories like sunglasses or a belt. That way you don’t have to spend time deciding in the morning. You can be out the front door in a flash – and maybe even sleep in a few extra minutes.

Storing seasonal clothing frees up even more closet space. Keep clothes you’re not using in bins or baskets so they stay beautiful but helpfully out of the way. Depending on the amount of room you have and your personal preferences, you can stack bins on the floor or keep them on a top shelf waiting for spring or winter to roll around.

Some clothing wrinkles when folded. That’s why having plenty of rods is useful in an organized closet. Hang blouses, dresses, skirts, dress shirts and business pants where they’re easy to access. How you choose to order them is totally up to you. You can sort clothing by color, type or occasion, or simply hang them randomly. No matter your method, our New York system saves you time.

What kind of vibe does the New York system have? What makes it stand out are gently arcing frames with rustic wood shelving and metals with pewter or powder-coated finishes that resemble wrought-iron or antique aluminum. They infuse the room with a definite air of vintage chic. Your personal dressing room becomes a New York loft or Paris penthouse in the 1920s. You feel as if you’re surrounded by marble flooring, crystal chandeliers overhead and floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains.

New York system items, which are crafted of iron, steel and aluminum, also have an industrial feel that matches other metal furniture, leather seating and rough-hewn wood accents. It’s a curious combination of modern and antique, which explains why architectural photography or artwork look right at home in industrial spaces.

Large walk-in closets and dressing rooms have a studio ambience that almost makes you want to pose as a fashion photographer snaps your picture. This kind of playful atmosphere is very refreshing and encourages you to experiment with different outfits and makeup. The results are often bold and beautiful. A floor mirror – sometimes called a cheval – offers you a full-body view of your selections so you can tweak any details you see fit.