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Patterned & Embroidered Outdoor Pillows

Solid Outdoor Pillows

Outdoor Pillows

Not all outdoor pillows are alike. What’s comfortable, pretty and easy to maintain for one person may not be to someone else. Pillows have a huge impact on how inviting, relaxing and festive your outdoor spaces look and feel. Additionally, you can always use outdoor pillows indoors, especially if you need extra durability for an active household. So, how do you choose the right outdoor pillows? Let Pottery Barn give you some tips and ideas on selecting just the right soft spot for your patio or deck furniture.

Pillow Comfort

Outdoor throw pillows and seat cushions come in all shapes and sizes, even ergonomic-inspired lumbar and bolster styles. As with indoor rooms, you may love loads of pillows or find less is better for your outdoor comfort. There’s absolutely no rule about how many pillows you should layer on a chaise or outdoor sectional.

Pillow Design

What do you want your outdoor space to convey? Chic and globally influenced, classic nautical, traditional monogrammed or natural, neutral and spa-inspired are only a few ideas of the colors and versatile styles out there. You'll even find pillows with synthetic edge trimming that’s aesthetically fitting for both indoors and out. If you have an indoor/outdoor rug, or plan on getting one, closely coordinate both rug and pillow colors and patterns for a pleasing, cohesive look.

Pillow Materials

Indoor/outdoor pillows should be covered in water-resistant, moisture-, fading-, and stain-resistant polyester fabric that’s soft to the touch. Note that water-resistant fabrics shed water and may absorb some.

One of the most popular outdoor fabrics for pillows is Sunbrella®, a patented solution-dyed fade-resistant, water-resistant, mold- and mildew-resistant and chlorine-safe acrylic that comes in brilliant, vibrant solid colors and various size stripes. If you have a rattan sofa or even a wicker table, trunk or ottoman, pair it up with the texture of faux natural woven fiber outdoor pillows that are actually made from durable polypropylene.

Pillow Maintenance

Most indoor/outdoor pillows should be easy to spot clean by blotting the spill or dirt with a damp, light-colored cloth. If you need something tougher to get rid of mildew that snuck onto your non-removable pillow cover, or you have a sudden stain that won’t blot out, apply a mild bleach or dish detergent and water solution with a damp cloth, hose off and air dry. For more heavily soiled pillows and cushions, try a pressure washer on low, because outdoor materials can be more hardy than they look.

Getting your outdoor space prepped is simple and quick when you have the right pillows and cushions. Just pile on the pillows, sit back and breathe in the season’s fresh air.