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Why Choose Outdoor Pillows?

Pillows can turn outdoor spaces into luxurious areas of relaxation that you and your family will never want to leave. Outdoor pillows also make individual chairs, loveseats and larger sofas more enticing to visitors for parties, backyard barbecues and time spent around the pool.

You'll find a wide variety of outdoor pillows to match any style of decor. From minimal modern designs to traditional patterns, finding the right outdoor pillows to complete your look is as easy a summer breeze.

Outdoor Pillows are Durable

Your outdoor spaces get hit with harsh UVA and UVB rays, high winds and wet weather from time to time, even if you live in a temperate climate. You might pack your pillows in the dead of winter, but they'll still take a beating compared to their indoor counterparts in the spring and summer months.

Buying purpose-made outdoor pillows will ensure that you don't have to buy again and again, season after season. Outdoor pillows are made of durable, tough materials crafted to withstand the elements.

Natural fibers and materials like grain sack are naturally durable and readymade for the outdoors. Even soft, comfortable pillows you'll be happy to snuggle up against are treated to repel water, resist stains and stand up to the elements for years to come.

Colors and Patterns for Any Style

Pillows designed for outdoor use can help you improve upon or dramatically alter the style of your exterior spaces, from oversized sectionals to bench seating, lounge chairs and more. With so many colors and patterns to choose from, every style of decor can utilize outdoor pillows.

For modern and transitional spaces, classic single, two-tone or tri-tone stripes are simple and stylish. Stripes also play well with a nautical theme, making them an excellent choice for seating around your pool or spa area.

For traditional spaces, opt for outdoor pillows in neutral, natural fibers. Floral and paisley prints also work well in more traditional environments.

Traditional, transitional and modern spaces can all benefit from pillows in a variety of solid colors. Match the colors to your existing furniture or outdoor accessories like rugs, umbrellas and exterior trim.

Outdoor pillows can make sofas, loveseats and lounge chairs more comfortable, but they can also breathe new life into your outdoor furnishings. With outdoor pillows, you can make older outdoor furniture look and feel new for a fraction of the cost.

Outdoor Pillows are Ideal for Decks and Intimate Spaces

When most people think of outdoor pillows they think of lounging by the pool with friends and family, grilling in the backyard or enjoying a cocktail with loved ones as the sun goes down. If you've got a balcony, patio or deck attached to your master bedroom, the right outdoor pillows can help create a cozy, intimate place where you can go to relax alone with a good book or with that special someone.

Spaces that get a lot of natural light or exposure to the elements like sunrooms and screened-in porches can also benefit from durable outdoor pillows. Look for pillows marked indoor/outdoor for comfort, strength, and style in these areas.

Bring Your Outdoor Pillows Inside

Outdoor pillows are designed to stand up to weather and the elements, and unlike the pillows on your living room or bed, they're made of heavy materials that can be cleaned quickly and remain stain and water-resistant for years at a time. That doesn't mean you have to keep your outdoor pillows outdoors.

For homes where children and pets play and have a tendency to make a mess, durable outdoor pillows can be a smart choice. You don't need to put them throughout your home, but choosing outdoor pillows for sofas and occasional chairs in a family room where cats, dogs and kids tend to gather can make cleanup a lot easier.

Solid-colored pillows tend to work well in interior spaces like family rooms, but stripes and floral options can add style too. Best of all, nobody will know you're using outdoor pillows inside once you find a style that's right for your room.

The right outdoor pillows can help you turn your backyard, patio, deck or balcony into a space that feels pulled right from the pages of your favorite design magazine. Whatever your home's look, well-made, stylish pillows can improve and enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces.

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