Decorate for the Season With Christmas Pillows

Incorporating festive elements in every room allows you to create a home that's ready to celebrate the holidays. Christmas pillows are one way to add a touch of holiday cheer to furniture, accenting armchairs and sofas. Pottery Barn's collection of seasonal pillows includes plenty of designs for Christmas, allowing you to transform your furniture into a seasonal display. Add a touch of holiday cheer with the pillows in this collection.

Sizes and Styles

Christmas pillows in this Pottery Barn collection are highly versatile because they are pillow covers that are easy to slip on and off depending on the season. As a result, you can transform your existing pillows in December to add holiday cheer. These pillow covers come in several sizes, so consider your pillow size when you shop. Pillow covers fit 20-inch and 24-inch pillows in many cases, though other sizes are available as well. These pillow covers feature a zipper closure for easy placement and removal. These holiday pillows feature durable constructions, using materials like cotton, linen and acrylic.

Festive Designs

Holiday pillows at Pottery Barn add the colors of the Christmas season to your furniture. Some styles even allow you to add cherished Christmas characters to your space. Choose from a variety of festive designs in this collection. For a more subtle addition of Christmas cheer, select a pillow featuring classic Christmas hues of red and green. You can find several plaid pillows, featuring the season's colors accented by neutral hues like white, cream, gray and black. Some plaid designs also feature seasonal touches, such as snowflakes or reindeer, adding an extra burst of holiday cheer.

Other pillow styles offer a more literal celebration of the holiday season, showcasing some of Christmas' favorite characters and designs. You can find a pillow featuring Santa and his reindeer in a snowy setting. Snowmen, candy canes and teddy bears adorn other pillow covers. Seasonal words and phrases like "joy" and "let it snow" add a Christmas-themed touch to other pillows in this collection. Snowflakes and Christmas trees accent other styles. When selecting the right pattern for your space, choose a pillow cover that complements other accent pillows in your room. When you do, you will create a seamless, holiday-inspired look.

Bring holiday cheer to your furniture using Christmas pillows in this Pottery Barn collection. These pillow covers allow you to reinvent your existing pillows for the holiday season, ensuring that the season's most popular hues are on display all December long.